10 Foods Your Child Shouldn't Eat With Braces

Our teeth play an important role in our lives. These are the first thing people see when we meet someone new, they help us eat, and they play a big role in our overall life. You might find that your child might need braces to help with straightening their teeth, fixing an over or under bite, or need some orthodontic repairs for their teeth. While braces are very common nowadays having them means that you need to be conscious about what you are eating. So keep reading to discover ten foods your child is going to want to avoid while they have braces!

10 Sodas

It is known that sodas are not the best things for people to drink a lot of every day. If your teen has braces then you are going to want to keep them away from that fizzy drink. Sodas do not just affect their teeth, it can also affect their braces and make their braces brake. If their braces break this means that you are going to have to pay money to get them fixed if they are not strong enough to pull their teeth together. Make sure you do not buy any sodas when your child has braces!

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9 Raw Carrots

A great snack that people love to have are carrots. There is just something about hearing that fresh and clear crunch that is satisfying even before eating the carrot. But raw carrots are a food you should not eat when you have braces. Raw carrots are a very hard vegetable that involves you chewing down on with your teeth, and the braces on your teeth can get damaged due to how hard the carrots are. But don’t worry if you are eating a noodle soup with carrots in it, those carrots are going to be soft enough where they are not going to affect your braces at all!

8 Ribs

A food that is usually described as “finger-licking good” at BBQs and parties are ribs. But since ribs are known for needing your front teeth to eat and get the meat off the bones you should not eat them with braces. If you have braces on your front teeth it can be very lucky that the force of biting down on the rib can cause those braces on your teeth to come off. Make sure to avoid this southern food when you have braces to make sure you do not do damage to your braces making you need them longer.

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7 Lollipops

A treat that you kids might receive at school from their teachers or running errands with you are lollipops. These candies, no matter what the brand is, are had candies that can be very dangerous to braces. Your child doesn’t even need to be sharing it for them to cause danger to their bases, even them having it in their mouth can affect their braces. It best to keep these treats away from them and talk to your child about why they should not eat these kinds of candies with braces.

6 Nuts

Nuts are a great snack that kids love due to their saltiness. But nuts are a food you cannot eat if you have braces. Whether you like eating peanuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews, or any other nut you need to stay away from them until you have your braces off. This does not just mean nuts by themselves, this also means any trail mix that has nuts in them. So the next time you go to the store, look for a new snack that your child can eat with their braces.

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5 Caramel

A sweet, sticky, and hard treat that people love to have is caramel. Whether you are putting it on ice cream or eating it as a hard piece of candy there is just something about its unique taste that nothing will ever compare to it. Caramel is also one of those foods you need to make sure your child is avoiding when they have braces. Caramel is known for getting stuck around all of the pieces of braces weather it is the brace on the tooth or the anchor around a molar. And take it from you do not want to see your orthodontic with caramel all over your braces.

4 Popcorn

Popcorn is known for being an affordable and delicious snack, but should not be eating if you have braces. This is because there are many times when the popcorn kernel does not pop fully opening up to the popcorn that people love to eat. It’s the pieces of popcorn that don’t fully pop open that can cause serious damage to braces such as getting stuck in them or cause the brace to come off a tooth. Until your child’s braces come off they are going to need to find another movie snack.

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3 Whole Apples

Eating fruit is not only good for your body, but it can also help you decrease your sweet tooth with natural sugar. Apples are one of the most popular fruits that people love to eat either added into their lunches or just as a snack. Though your child can eat apples when they have braces they need to make sure they are cutting the apple up into little pieces. Biting into a whole apple can be bad for braces since apples are hard and crunching. Make sure whenever your child eats apples with braces they are only eating apple slices.

2 Corn On The Cob

One of the best things to have during the summer is corn on the cob. There is just something about biting into a piece of buttery corn on the cob that can make any dinner great! But if your child has braces they need to stay away from eating corn on the cob. Of course, they can eat equals loose corn, but if they have braces biting into a cob can cause damage to their braces and even make the braces come off their teeth. So talk to your child about cutting this food out of their lives until their braces come off.

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1 Gum

Gum is known as something that many people like to chew to help them get fresh breath after eating or to keep their mouth active so they do not want to overeat on junk food. But chewing gum and having braces is a huge no. Since gum is sticky it can get stuck in your child’s braces cause harm to the equipment. Gum can easily break the braces or even get stuck between the equipment and your child’s teeth! Both of those instances would require your child to make an extra trip to orthodontics.

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