There's A New Laundry Folding Robot, And We Need It!


Anyone who is responsible for doing the household laundry knows that folding the laundry is the worst part (well, that and putting it away.) Folding is time-consuming and monotonous, and half the time your kids just end up shoving their clothes into their drawers, or leaving their clean laundry on the floor anyway!

Foldimate knows that most people dread folding their laundry so they've come up with a machine that will do it for you! The company brought a prototype of their laundry folding machine, called the Foldimate, to this year's CES and people are pretty excited about it. The website claims that it can fold an entire load of laundry in about five minutes, but so can the average person, so what makes it so special?

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The purpose of the Folidmate is to save the average laundry doer time. "Did you know that the typical person spends 750 days of their life doing laundry, of which 375 days is folding!” was how the company's pitch at CES began, according to The Next Web. I can't disagree with this because it feels like I spend every waking moment of my weekend doing laundry. Having a machine that will fold for me definitely sounds like a solid investment to me. Still, the Foldimate isn't without its flaws.

While the machine will fold your laundry for you, it isn't a hands-off machine. You still need to stand and feed each piece of laundry into the machine for it to fold for you. It also says it folds items ranging from "shirts, tops, blouses, pants (six years old up to XXL) and even medium-sized towels," which means even this fancy machine can't fold those darn fitted sheets, and new parents who are up to their eyeballs in baby laundry won't benefit from this invention either.

Still, for anyone who hates folding laundry, this item could be a game changer. It seems like a great appliance for kids to use, and they might enjoy using it so much they'll volunteer for “folding duty.” It also seems to make all items uniform in how they're folded which is ideal for anyone trying to be a bit more efficient in their organization. Convenience is never cheap, and the Foldimate does come with a hefty price tag. The company has stated they are trying to make the product as affordable as possible, and are estimating a retail cost of $980. While that's definitely not cheap, if it saves you time and makes your life easier, it could definitely be worth it.

While an exact release date hasn't been announced, the company is hoping the Foldimate will be available by the end of this year. For many people, you can't put a price tag on convenience and any household item that saves you time and energy and allows you delegate chores to the rest of the family may just be worth the hefty price tag. If you want to know more about the Foldimate and when it releases, you can sign up to be put on the waitlist here.

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