Florida Mother Accused Of Trying To Kill 4 Kids By Slamming Minivan Into Tree

Moms are always encouraged to make time for self-care and ensure they are healthy mentally because in order to be the best possible mom to their babies, they need to be happy and healthy themselves. This has proven to be true time and time again, particularly with all the tragic stories of moms who have untreated postpartum depression or psychosis.

36-year-old Calicia Williams wasn't suffering from postpartum mental illness but was certainly dealing with something because on October 2, she was arrested for four counts of attempted murder. According to police, Calicia intentionally ran her car into a tree with her four children in the vehicle whose ages range from seven to 13 years old.

An investigation of the crash showed that Calicia hopped over a curb, into a grass median, and rammed her van into the tree at a "high rate of speed". The tire tracks showed that she never attempted to brake. Additionally, none of the children were wearing seatbelts or harnesses in the car at the time of the crash. One child later told police that their mom had instructed them to remove their restraints.

Calicia also told her children to "reach their hands out" as they were heading towards the tree and assured them that "the devil" couldn't hurt them because "he only hurts bad people". She also told her children that they had "the light of Jesus" in them and that "only Jesus can cure" them.

Credit: Ocala Fire Rescue

All four children and their mom were taken to a hospital for evaluation and to treat injuries. During Calicia's exam she seemed erratic and was mumbling things to herself. At one point she said that her husband had "caused the crash" because he "put a hex" on them. She also said that she was being followed by a number of cars and was driving at a high speed because she was trying to get their tag numbers and that she ran into the tree by mistake. Police also say that she had marijuana in her system at the time of the crash.

Currently, everyone involved in the crash are in stable conditions, and Calicia is expected to be sent directly to jail upon her release from the hospital.

No matter what happens moving forward, hopefully, the kids will be placed in the care of someone who can provide a safe home for them and Calicia can get the help she needs for her mental state.

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