10 Fitness Gadgets To Help You Get Your Body Back After Having A Baby

After having a baby, there's no question you've pushed your body and mind to the limits (and are continuing to do so every day). You work hard, stay strong for your little one and deserve to feel healthy and fierce in your skin.

It just takes a little consistency and determination to get back into shape - and you don't have to do it alone. With the help of these fitness gadgets, getting into form can be fun, motivating and empowering. Choose the items that best fit your goals and lifestyle, and go slay at the gym, park, or right at home in your living room.

10 Glowing Smart Water Bottle


The first step in getting back into superhero-level shape to reflect the super mom you are, is to make sure you're drinking enough water. This bottle helps you remember that you need hydration throughout the day, gently nudging you to drink more H2O with a cute, glowing light.

It holds 24 ounces of fluid and synchs with your smartphone to keep track of your health. It can integrate with your favorite fitness tracker so you get the most out of it. Sensors inside the cup record how many ounces you down in a day. The bottle will glow to remind you to hydrate, then it will flash to celebrate when you hit your daily goal.

9 LETSCOM Fitness Tracker


This affordable fitness band features a step counter, heart rate monitor and sleep monitor. It is waterproof, resistant to even your sweatiest workouts, with 14 different exercise modes to personalize it to your needs.

The band is low-maintenance and can be recharged with any USB cord and computer, and one charge will last about a week. You can also see calls and read messages, plus connect to your calendar and social media apps on the band, so you won't be out of touch and worrying if things are okay at home with your little one and the new babysitter. Available in a variety of colors, this is a cute accessory that takes the stress off of tracking your workouts.

8 Bluetooth Jumprope


This rope comes with two handy options - a regular style with a rope in between the two handles, or an alternate style with no rope between the handles, which are then attached to small weights for rope-free jumping.

This is a great feature for small spaces or low-ceilinged homes, where it's tough to break out a rope. This way, you can jump rope at home with your sleeping angel. The rope is fully adjustable and features a timer, calorie counter and jump counter to track your exercise and encourage you to stay on track. You'll feel rewarded for breaking out this rope when you see your results on the screen.

7 Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker


For moms who find bracelets and bands get in the way, a ring fitness tracker can be the best solution. These are subtler than bracelets, do the same job and are cute and compact, easy to forget you have them on while sleeping and monitoring how many Z's you're catching.

The ring tracks steps and distance, heart rate, activity, and calories burned. The rings have 3-day battery life and can recharge in 90 minutes with a USB charger. The ring also doubles as a security tool, as you can use it to verify your identity when using online accounts. For a stylish alternative to the classic fitness band, choose one of these in your favorite color and keep moving, mama!

6 PopBabies Portable Smoothie Blender


This little blender can go with you anywhere, whether you're heading back to work and need something to help you stay healthy and nourished at the office, or just need to keep your fruit and protein game strong at home.

This blender also works for whipping up baby food, so it's a great item to keep both you and your new arrival well-fed. The device charges with a USB, and can blend ice, frozen fruit, nuts and more within seconds. Both 14-ounce and 17-ounce sizes are available, with measurements up the side of the container for nutritious convenience.

5 Smart Jewellery Fitness Tracker Leaf Pendant


This tracker provides another alternative to the traditional bracelet or band, with a leaf-shaped pendant that you can hang around your neck, or choose to wear on your wrist in the style of a bracelet tracker. The pendant operates on a coin cell battery and does not need to be charged.

The piece is made of water-resistant wood composite and hypoallergenic stainless steel. The device tracks steps, distance, calories burned, sleep patterns, reproductive health, menstrual cycle and stress. This all-in-one product allows you to change its style depending on your mood and keeps you motivated to move your body, keep your stress levels low and take care of yourself.

4 Skulpt Scanner


This scanner is an alternative to body fat scales, giving you benchmarks of your progress on your fitness journey. The device measures body fat percentage and muscle quality, allowing you to watch your body change and offering consistency to track fat loss and muscle growth.

This is a great product to use in place of a scale, though no fat percentage measurer is 100% accurate, consistency is key with these products as you get a close approximation and can monitor whether your numbers increase or decrease. This is a perfect way to self-monitor in the privacy of your own home, with a quick process that doesn't take away from cuddle time.

3 Jabra Elite Wireless Sports Earbuds


Treating yourself to these earbuds will mean you never think about any other earbuds again. They are waterproof and have a 2-year warranty against sweat and dust, fitting comfortably on your ears so you can go hard with your HIIT or weightlifting.

The buds are Alexa-enabled, for moms who find voice commands particularly helpful now that their arms are so full. You can take calls as well on them, so you don't have to pause your workout if the babysitter needs to ask you a question while you're crushing it at the gym. A customizable equalizer lets you listen to your music just the way you like it, letting it feed your drive through your daily burn.

2 Under Armour HOVR Phantom Connected Sneakers


These are the ultimate smart technology for your feet, to help you get back in shape and stay that way. The shoes can be connected to your device to track various running metrics, allowing you to follow your progress and improve in places where it counts. On top of the gadget portion of the shoe, the structure itself is amazing.

The "zero-gravity feel" of the shoe, due to its HOVR technology, reduces impact and allows you to keep your energy up and running right through to the end of your sweat session, continuing throughout the rest of your busy day.

1 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller


This vibrating foam roller from NextRoller features three-speed settings to fit your tastes. The roller will help you release tension and reduce recovery time after tough workouts, letting you stay on your feet and keep up your fitness regimen to reach your goals. A much-overlooked part of a fitness routine, recovery is incredibly important for muscle growth, stress management and wellness.

A wall charger is included with the roller. It's like having your own massage therapist right in your home, helping you work out your knots and protect your body from injury during your high-intensity mamabear training.

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