'Fish Nails' Is A Trend We Never Saw Coming

Nail art has definitely come a long way over the last few years and nail artists are constantly raising the bar when it comes to new and clever ways to make your manicure a statement piece. We've seen Lisa Frank themed nails and sparkly nails, to gender reveal nails, and rainbow nails. All of those trends are fun and colorful and exactly what you would expect in nail art, but now there's a new trend that's taking over social media and we definitely didn't see this one coming!

Fish nails are the surprising new nail trend that is literally everywhere on Instagram. A quick on the image sharing site will see a plethora of colorful, aquatic-themed nails that seem completely on trend for the summer months. There are nails that are painted to look like fish scales in a variety of different summer cool colors, and other designs that feature actual fish painted on the nail. The trend isn't just cool for summer, but it's incredibly creative and artistic.

Some nail artists are using a jelly base and painting literal fish on the nails, giving a whole new meaning to the term "jellyfish". Others are simply using a fresh, bright summer color and painting the fish on a few select nails. The designs range from colorful and bright featuring yellows and oranges to more subtle designs on metallic nails or simple white accents on a pretty indigo nail.

Nail trends like fish nails are perfect because there's always something to suit everyone's individual taste. Whether you like just an accent nail painted or an entire manicure devoted to one friendly fish design, fish nails seem like the perfect accessory for your summer wardrobe. They are also letting nail artists truly be creative by giving them the opportunity to flex their artistic muscles and show just how incredibly talented they are with a tiny nail polish brush.


Whether you love a big bold fish on your nails, a cute caricature of your favorite cartoon fish or an ombre fish scale manicure, there's a fish nail manicure for everyone. What's your favorite?

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