10 Things To Expect During Your First Pregnancy That Nobody Tells You

These days, it's difficult to find an area of pregnancy that hasn't been written about. That's right, whether it be getting pregnant, staying pregnant, or giving birth, it is likely that there are thousands of books available on the subject. However, surprisingly, there are still a few grey spots when it comes to being pregnant, with some parts of pregnancy either ignored, forgotten about, or simply avoided.

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This is particularly irritating for first-time mothers, who are often desperate to read and find everything possible when it comes to having their first baby and what changes during pregnancy are normal. To help you out a little, here are 10 things to expect during your first pregnancy that nobody tells you about.

9 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Getting pregnant and giving birth can change your body almost entirely. However, for some reason, the only thing that people really talk about is weight gain and the pain that you will feel at the end of the whole thing.

Sadly, there are a number of other difficult things that can occur, such as severe pain in the wrist and the hand. Yes, carpal tunnel is a surprisingly common side effect of pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimester. Pregnancy limits your pain relief options but BabyCentre has a few natural tips if you're struggling.

8 Terrible Skin

One of the most famous benefits of getting pregnant, apart from the baby, of course, is the wonders that pregnancy does to a person's skin. Yes, the term "glowing" has been around for centuries, with pregnant women said to glow due to the effects of the growing baby inside them. However, although this might be true to an extent, the exact opposite can also affect certain women.

That's right, skin breakouts are extremely common in pregnant women, with acne one of the most visible side-effects. And if that wasn't bad enough, things such as skin tags, moles, large freckles and brown stomach lines are also usual occurrences.

7 Hemorrhoids

Nobody really likes to talk about hemorrhoids in general, let alone when you are pregnant. Therefore, most women are often taken by surprise when they suddenly discover that they might be packing a little extra down there.

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So what exactly are they? Hemorrhoids are usually caused by increased weight gain, old age or just those who may be unlucky. They usually lie just under the lining of the lower part of the rectum and as a result, can be extremely painful at times.

Thankfully, hemorrhoids can be treated with a number of home remedies, such as exercise, increasing the fiber in your diet, specially designed warm baths and various creams that help treat the stubborn painful piles. Just ensure you let the pharmacist know you are pregnant before purchasing any remedies.

6 Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is probably one of the most common side-effects of pregnancy as well as one of the most well-known. However, what most pregnant women don't know is how bad it can actually get.

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Yes, morning sickness isn't just simply feeling nauseous, it can sometimes involve feeling incredibly sick for much longer than the morning, with no appetite and no energy.

The truth about morning sickness is rarely written about because it is often quite easy to forget, especially after you have had your baby. Nevertheless, it is something that you should be prepared for, with some women even struggling throughout their whole pregnancy.

5 Farting

Flatulence is a normal part of a person's day, with the average person passing wind between ten and twenty times per day. However, for pregnant women, this number often doubles, if not triples. Yes, most women simply become a walking fart cloud from the day they get pregnant and usually have no way of stopping it from coming out.

To make matters worse, the smell can be incredibly bad and even has the ability to clear out entire rooms. So what's the reason? When pregnant, women often produce a large amount of progesterone, a hormone that relaxes muscles in the body, hence the heavy farting and shambolic smells.

4 Isolating 

While most people have heard of postpartum depression or even the baby blues, prenatal depression is often ignored. That's right, prenatal depression, which occurs during pregnancy, can affect up to 23% of pregnant women.

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Symptoms usually include depression, anxiety, stress, and severe isolation. Sadly, the cause of prenatal depression is still unknown. However, research shows that hormones are likely to be the number one cause, with pregnant women experiencing a whole host of crazy hormones which can trigger depression and severe mood swings. Yes, it's not just physical, pregnancy also comes with a lot of mentally challenging

Nipple Changes

Right from the very beginning, pregnant women feel a number of changes in their breasts and nipples. Most people expect their breasts to get larger, fuller and at least a little bit painful. However, what people don't expect is the tenderness and hypersensitivity of the breasts and the nipples.

Furthermore, the nipples often darken in color, mostly due to the hormones that affect the pigmentation of the skin. If that wasn't enough, some women also experience dark veins that run along the center of the breast as well as a thick yellow leakage known as colostrum.

3 Bleeding Gums

Being pregnant can affect the whole body, from your arms, legs, and breasts, to your eyes, ears and even your teeth. That's right, toothache and bleeding gums are exceptionally common within pregnant women and something that should not be ignored.

Due to hormonal changes, the gums are much more susceptible to plaque which then leads to inflammation, bleeding and in some cases gingivitis or gum disease. The best thing to do, apart from your looking after your teeth, is seeing your dentist as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Not only will they give you sound advice but they can also help prevent the plaque buildup and eventual bleeding gums.

2 Excess Boogers

Get ready to start picking your nose. Yes, pregnant women often find that they have much more up their nose than they are used to, with the body producing more mucus than before. In fact, the body oozes so much mucus, that the majority of it turns into huge, large boogers just waiting to be removed.

Be warned that they aren't the normal kind either. No, the boogers of a pregnant woman are often ten times the size of a normal booger and are something that belongs in a horror movie, or at least behind closed doors. However, when you are pregnant you can basically get away with anything, so go for it and pick away!

1 It's Ok Not To Like It

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience full of joy, emotions, and happiness. However, it can also be extremely mentally challenging, painful and exhausting. Sadly, women are often put under a lot of pressure from society with regards to how they feel about their pregnancy, with the idea that women should feel extremely blessed and thankful.

Yes, being pregnant can be a magical time, but it is important to acknowledge that it can also be an awful and frightening experience. No woman should ever be forced to enjoy something that they don't particularly like. Furthermore, women need to know that it is ok to not enjoy being pregnant and that it doesn't reflect badly on them as a mother or as a woman.

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