Mom Shares Hilarious First Day Back To School Photo Of Daughter

Well, summer has officially come to an end for most of us, and kiddos are heading back to school all over the country and world! It's been a great summer, but we probably aren't the only ones who were ready to send our kids off on the first day. The first day of school is such an exciting time! You packed their first lunch in their new lunch box. Put all their school supplies in their new backpack. Picked out their first day outfit together, so they walked into class looking sharp. And then off they go, for a new school year and a new adventure! We assume our kids had a great first day when they come home afterward and can't stop talking about their teacher and their classroom and all their friends, and then immediately pass out on the couch from sheer exhaustion. But until we saw this viral photo of a little girl before and after her first day of school, we don't think we had any idea just how hard some kids can go on their first day. This made us laugh harder than we've laughed in a good, long while.

Image: Facebook

Little Lucie, 5, from Glasgow, Scotland was looking the very picture of prim and polished when her mom Jillian took her picture. Hair was combed, bow placed perfectly, school uniform pressed and clean. Socks pulled up to her knees, and a thousand-watt smile! Her mom, Jillian, snapped the before picture of Lucie and her big brother, before sending the two off on their first day of school. But little did Jillian know what she would be picking up when school let out.

Image: Facebook

OH LUCIE! Listen, school happens, you know! Clearly, this is a kid who went HARD on her first day, no regrets. Gone was the bright smile and combed hair. Instead, Lucie strolled out of school on her first day looking like she went ten rounds with a rabid raccoon (and won). Hair a mess, socks down around her ankles, tie and cardigan all askew, and that sweet bow clinging to the back of her head for dear life. When Jillian asked Lucie what she did at school, Lucie replied, "Oh, nothing much". Which somehow makes these photos even funnier. We hope you enjoyed your first day, Lucie! And we'd hate to see the other guy.

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