Mom Warns Parents About 'Fire Challenge' After Her Son Suffers Serious Burns


Remember back before the internet, the only way to "challenge" someone to do something stupid was by playing truth or dare? Now, there are viral challenges that aren't just stupid, they're downright dangerous.

Recently, a mom from Michigan spoke out about a social media challenge that's been making its way around the internet for the past few years; the fire challenge. Tabatha Cleary felt the need to warn other parents about this challenge after her 12-year-old son was lit on fire and suffered severe second-degree burns from it.

According to CNN, the fire challenge is when a person pours a flammable liquid on themselves and then lights it on fire. Yes, that is seriously the challenge. Tabatha's son, Jason, opted to use nail polish remover for his challenge. He even did it more than once.

Jason told a local news station that the first time he was set on fire, "it was little and they swatted it off". Apparently, the little fire gave the kids a false sense of confidence because the next time they tried, they continued to spray the nail polish remover at Jason until he was engulfed in flames.

Tabatha told a local news station that Jason was at a friend's house and she was inside when she suddenly heard screaming. She ran outside to find Jason's friend, Bryce, riding him on his bike. Jason didn't have his shirt on and was clearly burned, screaming, and crying.

Once he received treatment at the hospital, it was determined that Jason suffered the most serious burns on his chin, chest, and stomach. He stayed at a local Children's Hospital's burn unit for four days before going home bandaged up.

Tabatha knows that Jason was lucky and that his burns could have been "much worse". She felt that it was her responsibility to warn other parents about this challenge because even though it's been around for a while, it's still obviously influencing kids and causing serious consequences.

The moral of the story here is that, unless it's the ice bucket challenge, parents need to be teaching their kids about the dangers of recreating YouTube videos.

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