Fiona The Hippo Has A Brand New, Totally Adorable Children's Book

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Is there anything cuter than brand new animal babies? Well, aside from our brand new babies, that is. Remember when Fiona the hippo made her grand entrance in 2016? She was born premature, six weeks ahead of her due date. Most newborn hippos weigh between 55 to 120 pounds, but little Fiona weighed just 29 pounds. Zookeepers weren't sure she was going to make it, and they fought hard to keep her alive. Fiona won us all over when she took her first steps just a few weeks after her arrival, and she's been warming hearts all over the world since then! Her story is inspiring and uplifting, so naturally, it makes for the perfect children's book. Now your kiddos can read all about Fiona and how she beat the odds in Fiona the Hippo.

fiona the hippo
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The new children's book all about Fiona was written and illustrated by Richard Cowdrey. The picture book uses amazing hand-drawn illustrations to tell Fiona's story, from her premature birth to the fight for her life, and the amazing ways she's overcome all the odds and prospered. It's definitely aimed at kids, so Fiona's circumstances are told in a way they can understand and process.

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How cool would this book be as a gift for a little boy or girl who also entered the world a little before their time? If they can see Fiona beat the odds and become a plucky little hippo, they'll believe that they can do it, too.

fiona the hippo
Image: Amazon

Fiona's birth and first few weeks of life were incredibly scary, but the book really does a good job of taking that fear out of the situation. Cowdrey said that he didn't want to scare kids with her story, so a lot of the book focuses on the excitement of the other zoo animals, and we even get to see Fiona find out who her parents are (she was separated from them after her birth in real life, so the medical teams could care for her).

Fiona the Hippo is available now on Amazon, and it's on sale for under $13. That's a steal of a deal for such a sweet book. If you've got a Fiona fan, they absolutely need to add this one to their library.

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