The Newest 'Fingerlings' Are Narwhals, And Kids Are Going To Be Obsessed

There’s a new Fingerling available and yes, fans can’t stop raving about it. Fingerling fans have a new reason to be excited the Narwhal Fingerlings will soon hit store shelves, with kids desperate to get their hands on them and parents going bananas trying to find them.

Made by WowWee, the popular toy first made headlines back in 2017 as the hottest holiday item on the block. Fingerlings is what it sounds like: a toy that is meant to be wrapped around your finger. It comes in several different forms including a robotic monkey, a unicorn, a panda, dragon, or a sloth. It clings to your fingers and when you touch it, the Fingerling reacts by blinking its eyes or blowing kisses in your direction.

The Narwhal is the latest addition to the Fingerlings family. As other Fingerlings in the collection, it comes with built-in microphones and motion sensors. It also changes color based on its mood.

According to Yahoo News, Sydney Wiseman is a Montreal-based toy designer who has been working hard behind the scenes to create the entire Fingerlings collection. She says that she created the toy line to resemble the pygmy marmoset, which is an animal that Wiseman says she is personally obsessed with.

While a lot of fans and critics have said that they would like to see not only more products in the future, but different designs and colors too, Wiseman admits that she’s sticking to the formula that works best for her. Fans can expect to see improvements and enhancements made to the popular toy, but just don’t expect to see anything drastic for now.

She said in an interview, “We looked at all the best features from the original series, and what people enjoyed the most from the plush Fingerlings Hugs and then put that technology into these.”

Unfortunately, it looks like the Narwhals Fingerlings are poised to sell out pretty fast. In order to get your hands on the popular toy, moms and dads are going to have to act fast as they are scheduled to debut sometime in the end of March and will go for about $15 each. Thankfully, there are 10 months left in the calendar year until the next holiday season. Happy shopping!

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