Dad Builds $30,000 Backyard 'Field Of Dreams' For 5-Year-Old Son

Most parents will go to great lengths to make their children happy. Not only happy, but to find connection with them. One dad in Ohio knew the key to connecting with his young son was through something they both enjoy. Baseball. So he built a baseball diamond in his backyard for them to play on.

"If you build it, he will come..." - Field of Dreams (1989)

Jason Kidd (not to be confused with the former NBA player) is a regular dad who lives in Brookfield, Ohio. He and his five-year-old son love to play baseball together in their backyard, as many children do.

"About two years ago my son and I were playing with his plastic T-ball set and he asked if we could build a baseball field in the backyard. I kind of blew him off," Kidd tells news affiliate WKYC.

Little kids come up with all kinds of wild ideas. But that doesn't mean they're not good. The idea of putting a baseball field in your backyard is more ambitious than outrageous. Not to mention time consuming and expensive. Still, for Kidd, it was something worth considering.

“I kind of started thinking about it. Then I started measuring to see if we have room, and now I have a baseball field.”

Sometimes it's as simple as that. Kidd knew that despite the incredible cost (Kidd spent $30,000 to build "The Re-Jake," as the field is called in a nod to Cleveland's baseball field, "The Jake") this was something that would bring joy. And if he could do anything to continue sharing special moments with his son. Baseball is the biggest thing they enjoy doing together, and it creates a stronger bond between them. And when you find those things that bond you to your children, you will do anything to preserve those bonds.

Talking more with the news, Kidd explains that his uncle was the person who made him fall in love with baseball. "I played growing up and he coached me. Now here I am getting to do it. It's pretty cool," he says.

Since Kidd's son is so young, they likely have many years of enjoying their baseball field together. Hopefully, it's something they can always share together.

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