Parents Looking For ‘Festival Nanny’ To Watch Kids While They Live It Up

Now that summer has officially arrived, there are more festivals to go to than you can shake a stick at. For a lot of parents, the days of dropping everything to party in a field are long gone. Getting someone to have the kids for a long weekend is often easier said than done. One couple has decided to go all out and hire someone to watch their kids while they enjoy themselves during the festival season. They're willing to pay through the nose for the right candidate, too. Could you be the next "festival nanny"?

According to Metro, the couple in question posted their ad to childcare.co.uk last week. They're looking for a qualified nanny to accompany them to a host of festivals over the summer to watch their kids, aged six, ten and 11. In return, the successful candidate gets free entry to the event and £500 per festival. The parents? Well, they get to enjoy themselves without chasing after their little ones all weekend.

The nanny is expected to do all the usual nanny duties, like bathing, dressing and feeding the kids, just in a festival setting. When the parents go off to do their own thing, the nanny is tasked with entertaining their kids throughout the day. What's more, this incredibly lucrative position could turn into a full-time gig, if the summer goes well and the kids like the nanny, of course. For music-loving childcare professionals, this is the kind of opportunity that seldom comes around.

Metro reached out to Richard Conway, the founder of childcare.co.uk. According to Conway, it's not unusual for families to take nannies on holiday with them so that parents can get some time alone to enjoy themselves. As far as he's concerned, festivals are pretty much the same thing. It sounds like this couple is desperate to make the most of the hot summer the UK is currently experiencing, so they're keen to hire as soon as possible. Judging by this magical unicorn of a job role, it's likely they've already had a plethora of applicants.

Free festivals and good money? We just have one question. Can we bring our kids, too?

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