Fed Up Mom Confronts Child's Bully In Agressive Altercation Caught On Video

Parents would do anything and everything to protect their children, especially if their child has been the victim of bullying. Parents can often feel helpless if their child is being bullied, especially if they don't feel they're getting the support they need from the child's school or the alleged bully's parents. It can often be tempting to take matters into their own hands, which is exactly what one incredibly angry mom did when she confronted her son's bully and threatened him. The interaction was caught on video and people are divided on how they feel about it.

A video recently shared by the Twitter account London Streets shows one very angry mother confronting a young boy who has allegedly been bullying her son. It appears that the boy is the one who recorded the woman's tirade as she angrily confronts him, threatening him. The video begins already into the altercation with the woman telling the boy "touch me again," and the boy saying "you're not allowed to touch me." The woman can then be seen removing her ball cap and putting her hair up in a ponytail as she then approaches the boy once again. "Do you know who I am?" she asks the boy who responds by saying he doesn't. It's then that she reveals that "I'm Murray's mom," as she continues to walk aggressively towards the boy who is backing away.

“Touch my son again and I’ll rip your fu**ing face off, I’ll rip your mom’s face off, your dad’s face off,” she yells at the boy, before telling him "touch him, I dare you to!" The video ended with the mother yelling "I'm warning you" very aggressively.

Twitter users applauded this mother's actions with many sharing their own stories of bullying. Many felt that not enough is being done in schools to handle complaints about bullying and felt that this mother had no choice but to take actions into her own hands.

"Imagine seeing someone you love, hurt and upset day in, day out.... hows shes reacting is totally understandable,"  wrote one commenter.

"Probably complained to the school several times and nothing done, can't blame her at all. Bet the kid doesn't even look in his direction since this," added another person who felt the mother had probably exhausted her options. "'You can't touch me!' that tells you all you need to know. These children have to understand there are consequences to their behaviour. That mum was completely right to get all up in his face. He now knows not to mess with her son. The school should have stepped up earlier," wrote another. 

Still, there were some people who, while completely sympathetic to her anger felt that a grown woman being so aggressive towards a child was uncalled for and inappropriate.

"Can understand her anger, but seriously?! Wrong approach. Completely inappropriate," wrote one commenter. "I understand how she is angry about her son being bullied but this is not the way to resolve the issue,yes,its definately aggressive and making those kind of threats in public could land herself in trouble," added another.

While this is something most parents would love to do when dealing with their child's bully, this may not be the best approach. After all, the alleged bully is still a child and using threatening and intimidating language may just end up getting the mother in more trouble.

What do you think of this mother's actions?

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