Why February Babies Are Special, According To Science

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February is one of our favorite months of the year. For starters, the beginning of February signals the end of January, which feels like it lasts for seven years. It's a short month, which is always nice. There are two no-school holidays, plus Valentine's Day. It's pretty much the perfect month! Plus, if you were born in February, you're pretty rare! According to the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics, fewer babies are born this month. But those little ones who are lucky enough to be born in February are pretty special. February babies are born with some unique advantages, according to science. So mamas, if your due date falls in February, get ready - your little one could potentially be destined for greatness.

February babies are statistically more likely to have a career in some pretty high-profile industries.

A 2006 study done by Harvard University found that babies born in February were taller and weighed more at age 7 than their friends born in other months. Researchers looked at data from 21,000 children all over the world, and found that kids born in February had a leg-up when it came to physical size. So your February baby could one day play in the NBA! Better start practicing early.

The same study showed that winter babies did better on intelligence tests. So not only is your February baby going to be tall and strong, they may also be smarter than everyone else, too. Can you say future doctor?!

Babies born in February under the Aquarius or Pisces sign are more likely to be artistic or creative.

If you're a fan of astrology then you know that Aquarius and Pisces are linked to creativity. But even if you don't believe that's written in the stars, maybe science can convince you. A study conducted by United Kingdom's Office for National Statistics found that people with a February birthday were more likely to be artists.

Which leads us to the next advantage of being born in February - stardom! Believe it or not, a large number of celebrities are under the Aquarius sign, according to a study published in the Journal of Social Sciences. Jennifer Aniston, Garth Brooks, Chris Rock, John Travolta, and Rihanna are just a few of the celebs who celebrate their birthday in February. Plus, it's a pretty great month for presidents - Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan were both February babies!

February babies also have the chance to have the rarest birthday of all.

Every four years, the leap year adds another day onto the end of February. The next leap year is in 2020, and if you play your cards right, your baby might be one of the 1/1,461 leap babies born on February 29! There are only about 200,000 leapers in the whole country, so that's pretty special. Sure, they might not get to celebrate their actual birthday every year. But it's worth it to hold that very special honor.

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