FDA Advises Consumers To Stop Using Certain Cosmetic Products

It's time to check your makeup bags. The US Food and Drug Administration has recently issued a recall on certain cosmetic products after asbestos was found in four different items. The four products affected were part of the Beauty Plus brand of cosmetics and were found in four different talc-based products.

According to the EWG, this is the second time the FDA has found asbestos in Beauty Plus products, this time affecting a bronzer, shimmer bronzer, a beauty palette, and a matte blush. Specifically, the products being recalled according to the FDA are;

  • Beauty Plus Global Inc. City Color Collection Matte Blush (Fuchsia), SKU #849136008807, Lot No. 1605020/PD-840
  • Beauty Plus Global Inc. City Color Cosmetics Timeless Beauty Palette, SKU #849136012958, Lot No. 1510068/PD-C864R
  • Beauty Plus Global Inc. City Color Bronzer (Sunset), SKU #849136016017, Lot No. 160634/PD-P712M
  • Beauty Plus Global Inc. Beauty Plus Global Inc. City Color Shimmer Bronzer (Caramel), SKU #849136017106, Lot No. 1612112/PD-840

This isn't the first time a beauty product has been recalled for asbestos. Earlier this summer Beauty Plus recalled a different makeup palette for the presence of asbestos, and Claire's Stores Inc recalled a popular JoJo Siwa makeup set for the same reason.

“It is troubling to think how many people have used talc-based cosmetics products potentially contaminated with asbestos when inhaling even the smallest amount can cause cancer later in life,” Scott Faber, EWG’s senior vice president for government affairs stated. “While consumers should be both alarmed and outraged, it’s hardly a surprise, considering the federal law regulating the cosmetics industry has not been updated since 1938,” he added.

“We urge consumers to heed the FDA’s alert and avoid these products, and we hope members of Congress will finally recognize the current system, which has allowed the cosmetics industry to operate beyond the reach of FDA’s authority, must end,” added Faber.

The FDA is advising consumers not to use the products if they have them, and if they have any adverse effects from using them to file a report with FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting.

City Color Cosmetics is offering consumers a refund if they purchased any of the recalled products and asking that they send them proof of purchase and contact information via email.

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