This Mom's Hack For When Her Kids Leave Their Stuff On The Floor Is Smart

Mishmash Moments - Jessica McGinty

Having kids is awesome because it's so incredible to watch the little people you created as they grow up, but it's also infuriating because kids can be total slobs and it can feel as if you're constantly nagging them to pick their things up.

Most parents can agree that having kids is a messy job, and not just when they're infants and toddlers and can't feed or change themselves. As kids get older they seem to leave a trail of toys and games everywhere they go, no matter how often you ask them to pick up after themselves. One mom from Australia recently posted a system she created to help encourage her kids to pick up after themselves and other parents can't help but be impressed.

Jessica McGinty is a mom of three who writes the blog Mishmash Moments and she recently shared a new way she's going to deal with all those toys, trinkets and games her kids leave lying around the house. She bought 'f*cket buckets' and has lined them up in the house. Whenever she comes across a stray toy on the floor, it goes in to the f*cket bucket.

"If they leave it laying around, it goes in their bucket. If it’s still there at bedtime it goes in the bin because f*cket if I’m cleaning it up."

Today I got the kids fucket buckets ™️. If they leave it laying around, it goes in their bucket. If it’s still there at bedtime it goes in the bin because fucket if I’m cleaning it up.

Posted by Mishmash Moments - Jessica McGinty on Friday, October 5, 2018

McGinty posted a picture of five buckets lined up against the wall, color coded and at least three of them containing toys. Like so many parents, McGinty is tired of having to constantly pick up after her kids who leave their toys all over the house. If her kids don't put away the toys that are in their bucket, McGinty writes she's throwing them away!

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Clearly McGinty's method has hit home with more than a few exasperated parents, as her post has since gone viral. With more than 23 thousand comments and 25 thousand shares, parents clearly think McGinty is on to something with her 'f*cket bucket.'

"This could be a game changer", "these are a good idea", "I so need to do this!!", and "such a good idea," were all popular comments made under McGinty's post. Clearly people are tired of constantly picking up after their kids. "See I am not the only one that’s sick of tidying up after people," wrote one commenter who echoed what so many of the thousands of others were feeling.

While it may seem a bit counter productive to pick up the kids items they've left laying around and putting them in their own buckets, it does show the kids that you're willing to give them a second chance at putting their items away before they lose them for good. You also don't need to throw out the toys, but let the kids know they lose them for a period of time before they get them back.

The beauty of the f*cket bucket is that you can borrow the concept and create your own rules that work for yourself and your family, and hopefully it will work and your kids will start to pick up after themselves.

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