‘Go the F**k to Sleep’ Book Is Getting A Sequel

Parents of infants and toddlers are always looking for new books, right? Books on letters and sounds, with bright pictures of animals and shapes and all the things little ones like to stare at and heard repeated 10384594 times in a row. There are no shortage of books geared toward babies and toddlers. But what about books geared toward parents of babies and toddlers? We don't mean parenting books. We mean books that give it to us straight and speak to us on a level that we appreciate and understand. Books that pull no punches and don't pretend that this whole parenting thing is completely amazing and awesome all of the time. In 2011, we got one such book - Go the F*ck To Sleep. This book was more relatable than anything else we've ever read, and we still chuckle thinking about it.

Well, we have some good news! Adam Mansbach, the guy behind the NSFW lullaby that knocked all other parenting books off the shelf, is back with another R-rated book for parents. You're going to want this one, guys.

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From the genius minds who brought you Go the F*ck To Sleep comes the next installment of the OH F*CK brand of parenting, F*ck, Now There Are Two of You. Maybe you finally got your toddler to go the f&ck to sleep. Maybe you've been absolutely killing it at this parenting thing since then. Then maybe you decided to test fate and have another baby. And now maybe, just maybe, you're sitting here wondering how in the actual f%ck you're going to do this. No worries, parents, there's a book for that now!

F*ck, Now There Are Two of You is scheduled for release on October 1, 2019. Anyone who's had more than one child knows just how much harder it is to have more than one child, and Adam Mansbach and illustrator Owen Brozman have put all our fears and frustrations and WTF moments between the covers of what is sure to be a hilarious and all-too-real take on parenting more than one of these adorable little maniacs. You can preorder your copy now, and have it shortly after it's released. Until then, you'll just have to sit and stare at the mess you've made for yourself.

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