Dads Protested 'Cereal Discrimination' Against Kellogg's And Actually Won

Kellogg's coco pops

Beloved cereals have a history of touting nostalgic tag lines. Who can forget Life cereal and that persnickety Mikey who gave the squares a thumbs up ("He likes it!). Or how about Lucky Charms which, as we all know, are, "Magically delicious." It's the stuff advertising and marketing dreams are made of, and the pop culture expressions that shaped our childhood, for better or for worse.

Recently, however, Kellogg's experienced backlash when a particularly eccentric protest group fought back against one of their latest tag cereal box tag lines in the United Kingdom. Fathers4Justice took umbrage with the Coco Pops slogan which reads "loved by kids, approved by mums."

The group, which appears to abide by the whole actions speak louder than words theory, went to an Asda grocery store in Peterborough, England and poured the chocolate cereal all over an aisle. And, yes, they even topped it with milk.

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Fathers4Justice made a video of the chaotic scene, which included members shouting, "Stop cereal discrimination against dads," among other things. It didn't take long before Kellogg's got word of their antics and issued a speedy response to the antics, promising to change the package wording.

Fathers4Justice stage protest over Coco Pops in the middle of Asda

Two men from Fathers4Justice staged a protest in the middle of Asda because Coco Pops wrote "approved by mums" on the packaging.

Posted by The i Paper on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The cereal manufacturer said the original slogan was simply in response to a survey they conducted which concluded that a majority of mothers approved of Coco Pops new low sugar recipe. The box will now say the cereal is approved by parents to avoid any further disruption in unsuspecting grocery stores across the UK.

According to Newsweek, Fathers 4 Justice founder Matt O'Connor started the group in 2001 after experiencing a particularly messy divorce. The settlement forced him to only have limited contact with his two sons.

If you think this protest is over the top, consider another Fathers 4 Justice stunt which involved one dad scaling the front of Buckingham Palace dressed as Batman. This occurred in 2004 and seemed to simply be a way for the group to gain attention for their cause, which is to to end fatherlessness and the cancer of family breakdown as well as to ensure all children (have) a meaningful, loving relationship with their fathers."

Needless to say, police promptly arrested the costumed protester although he did spend about five hours on a palace ledge before being removed.

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