Farrah On '16 And Pregnant' Vs. Farrah On 'Teen Mom' (20 Pics)

When we first saw Farrah Abraham, she was sixteen and the typical girl next door. She represented an average high school girl who also just happened to be a cheerleader. She was so cute and fresh-faced that we have wondered why she ever changed her appearance at all. She grew up in the small town of Council Bluffs, Iowa and she ended up getting pregnant at the young age of 17 years old. It was around that time that she got cast on the first season of MTV’s popular series, 16 and Pregnant.

She used her fame and platform to spread the word on preventing teenage pregnancy. By the age of 21, we started seeing her experimenting with her appearance and changing up her hair color. Throughout the years she has moved on to working in a line of work that is typically frowned upon. She moved from 16 and Pregnant to Teen Mom and just grew in her fame. Her line of work now also got her booted from Teen Mom OG, but she barely blinked an eye over it. Check out these pictures of Farrah Abraham over the years.

20 She Was Sweet And Fresh Faced

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She looks so different in this photo, she certainly looks a lot younger. She has that fresh-faced girl next door look and it’s crazy to think that she was raising a baby at that age. She has said some odd things over the years about her daughter but we have to take her age into account. She has commented on her child’s looks over the years. “I think my daughter looks beautiful regardless if she's losing her baby teeth or if she's having a bad hair day.” She’s definitely been through a lot over the years since she first started on the show.

19 Making a Move To Florida

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She looks so happy in this photo and this was around the time that she moved from her hometown of Iowa and headed to the sunny state of Florida. Over the years, she has received a lot of criticism over how she has raised her daughter but she has always stated that she knows what’s best for her child. For Sophia’s 9th birthday, she wrote a special greeting on social media. “It fills my heart with joy as your mother your the best child I could have ever asked God for," Farrah wrote. "I love being a part of your journey as you do extraordinary things Happy 9th Birthday my shinning star your explosive...Cheers to the sweet life with you! Love, Your one & only mom."

18 Just A Girl With Braces

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This is just another photo that shows us a girl that has so much on her plate for a girl her age. She is cute as a button with braces. The thing that she has learned over the years is to try to be the best parent, regardless of your circumstance. “Not everyone's a perfect parent, but we do learn, and we grow from that. I'm not trying to be harsh on my family because it does make them sad to think back about how they used to be and some of their choices.”

17 Out With Derek Underwood

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Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood were high school sweethearts and he was the father of her child. Sophia looks a lot like her dad and this couple was super cute together right from the beginning. Derek was excited about the upcoming pregnancy and the idea of meeting his new daughter. But he had a volatile relationship with Farrah’s father which caused difficulty in their relationship. “The last time I saw Derek was when I was five months pregnant,” Farrah said. It’s truly a heartbreaking story that both Farrah and Sophia have lived through.

16 A Cheerleader At Heart

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This cute little cheerleader has had a long road in Hollywood. One thing that Farrah has stated over the years is that she just wants to be able to spread her message to the world. “I think everyone should - can share whatever they wish when their heart is touched and they want to spread more positivity rather than segregation and separation in this world.” Some people think that she’s out of control but she says she’s just trying to live her life. “I may speak my mind and come across as opinionated sometimes, but I would never want to harm anyone intentionally.”

15 Making Things Work On 'Teen Mom'

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She has had an up and down relationship with her own mother over the years and that may have a lot to do with how she managed to be pregnant at such a young age. “We're not the greatest family ever, but we still have love," Farrah mused on 16 and Pregnant. But not long after that, her relationship with her mother started to unravel. Her mother has said some very unkind things about Farrah over the years which has not helped their relationship at all. “It’s [diabolical] and alarming. After all these years, I still have her best interests at heart,” Abraham said about her mother.

14 Having To Lose Someone You Love

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Derek Underwood lost his life to a car accident and it was a difficult experience for both Sophia and Farrah. "December 28th comes every year when we review all of our love, great memories, share stories and know how special Derek was and how all the special and highly favored charisma passed on to Sophia." Her daughter had a hard time with the loss as well and broke down screaming at her father’s funeral. “Thank you, Daddy Derek, for always watching over us and this year we're at peace and happy with the loving support of family.”

13 She Was Sophisticated And Cool

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She found herself to be part of a team when she joined the cast of Teen Mom. She has struggled over the years and she has admitted that she has sought out help when she needed it. “Clinically & honestly, none of my TV show therapists & personal therapist have all said I’m balanced. I started therapy [sic] in my past at the age of 14 due to my mother and I not getting along as our family therapist sided with me about my safety and my life choices that my mother has never been supportive or caring to help guide her own children.

12 Things Haven’t Always Been Easy

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Farrah hasn’t had an easy road, first with the passing of her ex-boyfriend and then the up and down relationship she has with her mom. She also gets hit with criticism over her parenting methods. Some people think that she is too focused on her daughter’s looks. She recently mentioned that her daughter wanted her teeth straightened. "It's not really my eyes, it's like health codes and what's legal," she said. "The law for that in Texas, where we move back and forth through, is I believe 16 for her to have her cosmetic dentistry done to her teeth."

11 Sophia Is Growing Up

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This is a sweet picture of Sophia and we can see how well she is growing up. She looks like her mother but much more like her father. Farrah has stated over the years that she prefers that Sophia not talk to her like she’s her mother. That may be a shaky road to take but it could also bring her closer to her mother. “Children already ignore others and take time on their own, and I think that is something adults should refer back to as they deal with the everyday hustle of the world.”

10 Having To Move Beyond The Show

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Controversy surrounded the girl when she decided to take on a risky career change during the show. Many people thought that it was the wrong road to go down but she has disagreed. She is very public about her choices despite raising a little girl. Since she has been booted from the show, she has had many kind things to say about the cast. “There’s no intelligence there and I actually feel like the Teen Mom fans deserve to have better people fill my position and they deserve to have better quality,” the 27-year-old told Us Weekly.

9 Sophia Being In The Celebrity World

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Sophia moved into the celebrity world by becoming an actress at 8 years old. In 2017, Farrah posted on social media saying, "Proud of my little star your officially an actor when you have this! Congrats @sophialabraham #actorcard 8 years old." Sophia also has had her own MTV web series and a lot of people have wondered if that’s the right world for the child to be in. There is also the fashion boutique she runs called Sophia Laurent. That’s a lot for a kid to be doing at her age but Sophia has never looked happier.

8 Changing Colors And Styles

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We have seen a lot of color changes with Farrah’s hair over the years and we’re not sure which one is our favorite. She seems to suit a lot of different colors and styles. Farrah has proven over the years that she does what she wants when she wants to. “I actually just keep things very professional. I don't need acceptance from anyone but God, so that's just kind of where I focus it all.” She is moving forward with her life and making choices that she feels is best for her family.

7 Marketing Herself Through Social Media

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If you follow her on social media, you can see that she markets a lot of products on there and that’s part of her income stream. She uses social media as her main platform for selling various products. “I definitely have my own brand, and so I never, ever envision myself with anyone else's lips.” She is always open to more reality shows in the future. "I think reality TV loves me, I always will love reality TV," she said. "I'm so well-known and so great in that, but I also know after 10 years of doing something, it's just natural progression to keep growing -- producing, directing, screenwriting, filming. I just want progression."

6 Her Look Completely Changed

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We have seen a lot of changes with Farrah Abraham over the years especially when it comes to her look. She was already a gorgeous girl, so there was no reason to change anything about herself. If you look at her pictures from the beginning up until now, you can see how different she really looks. “I think I'm pretty confident, and I know I'm different than everyone else, so I'm going to do what's me.” She is not looking back at all, she is determined to move forward. “I'm blessed with good genes, but I also love to look my best self.”

5 She’s Sending A Message

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It’s not every day that we see Farrah Abraham without makeup, it’s one of the few times that we see that fresh-faced look again from her youth. She’s a gorgeous woman and certainly doesn’t need a lot of makeup. She could take that natural glow and work wonders with it. She uses her social media to send her messages but sometimes those messages find themselves right on her shirt as well. “I’m actually a pretty upfront, honest person – if there’s anything, I just confront it,” explained Farrah. “There’s no reason to hide anything, but there’s just timeliness of age and what’s appropriate.”

4 Movie Premieres With Her Daughter

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Now that her daughter is building a career as a child actor, they can go to premieres together. This is a cute picture of mom and daughter at one of the premieres and they look like they fit in pretty good there. She can certainly help her daughter with trying to navigate the ins and outs of Hollywood and hopefully, her daughter will be protected every step of the way. “Even though I'm already successful and have a career, it is always good to have your eggs in more than one basket.”

3 Celebrating Her Daughter’s Growth

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It’s a sweet picture of mother and daughter and we get to see Farrah really proud of how her daughter is growing up. Since her daughter turned 7, (she’s older now) Farrah has stated that she finds parenting much easier. “Motherhood is much easier” for Farrah. “Motherhood is great. My daughter’s well-balanced. I’m pretty proud of the parent that I’ve become.” She tries to help her daughter navigate all the attention surrounding them. “I’ve kinda been like these are the awesome people who support us, so we need to take the time to at least say hi. I actually talk to her more about social skills.”

2 These Two Are Working The Scene

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It’s a cute picture that has both mother and daughter promoting one of Farrah’s products on social media. Sophia certainly seems like a natural when it comes to it. Sophia is getting older now and many people assume that Farrah just won’t have any more children but that may not be the case. There might be a chance that Farrah will have more children in the future. “I would like to have a son of my own. I have great genes, my daughter is beautiful! But, I don’t really know if need to have more kids. There’s so many kids who need help.”

1 Like Mother Like Daughter

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This is a super cute photo of the two of them working the phones together and Sophia looks like she’s taking the job very seriously. Whether it’s motherhood or her professional life, Farrah is focused on the goals that she has set for herself.No one interferes with my goals. I just focus on my Godly goals in life and that’s all I need – and everything happens. So many people act like you need this, you need that; Farrah tell me what to do … I don’t even tell myself what to do!” Farrah boasts.

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