Farrah Abraham's Potential 'Teen Mom' Return Enrages Former Castmates

Former MTV Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham ruffled some feathers with her former castmates recently when she mentioned that she would consider a return to the reality franchise that made her a household name. Abraham was fired from the reality show back in 2017 thanks to her poor treatment of the Teen Mom crew and her affiliation with the adult entertainment industry. Although Abraham parted on not so great terms from the show and its cast members, she recently mentioned that she’d be open to a return under some very specific conditions.

Abraham was a guest on RadarOnline’s “Teen Mom Time” podcast last week where she discussed the possibility of returning to the show, but only if they fired current cast member Cheyenne Floyd. “Things must be my way or I don’t come back. I don’t share my seasons with newbies. I’ll come back if it’s OG all the way,” she said. When asked about her current relationship with one former producer, in particular, Abraham told the podcast hosts that “I go out now with the executives of Teen Mom and I hang out with producers,” hinting that her once volatile relationship with some of the crew and executives is now far behind her.

When asked her feelings about Floyd, Abraham didn’t hold back. “No one even really knows she’s on the show, let's be real." She went on to add that “That is a joke. … You can’t get someone from the Challenge show where they purposely hook up for the sake of ratings, which happens nonstop. You’re totally duping what Teen Mom is about now. You make Teen Mom out to be a lie. Cheyenne and her boyfriend are super fans of Teen Mom. You can’t put super fans on TV shows and think it’s authentic.”

Abraham’s former castmember, Catelynn Lowell, who still appears on the show, spoke out about Farrah’s comments. “We love Cheyenne and she’s a better fit than Farrah was,” Lowell, 27, told Us Weekly. “She’s [a] respectful, loving and caring person, and finally all of us girls can sit on a couch, go out and just have fun with one another. We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

She reiterated that she “absolutely would not” want Abraham back on the show. “She hasn’t changed as a person. She even said she would only come back if things were her way,” she noted. “She’s still the self-righteous person — she always has been — and we don’t need that type of attitude in our loving group.”

Lowell added that while she wouldn’t advocate for Abraham’s return, she also wouldn’t do anything to stop it. “Everyone loves a train wreck, so if MTV brings her back, I hope all the fans enjoy watching that, but I would not help them bring her back or petition against her because that’s a waste of my time, and I’ve wasted enough of my time trying to befriend her and help her in the past,” she explained to Us.

Would you want to see Abraham back as a regular cast member on Teen Mom OG?

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