Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sips On $150 Apple Juice With Gold Flakes While On Vacation

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Farrah Abraham is at it again. The former Teen Mom OG star who was fired from the hit MTV reality show last season is known for making headlines. This time however it's her daughter, Sophia, who has the internet up in arms.

Abraham and 9-year-old Sophia are living their best life as they are currently on vacation in Dubai. The former reality star and her mini-me are in Dubai celebrating her 28th birthday and they are definitely enjoying all that Dubai has to offer. Abraham has been posting a myriad of pictures on her Instagram account detailing the mother/daughter duo's lavish vacation including camel rides, jet ski trips and exotic dinners. It was Sophia's pricey beverage of choice however that really had her social media followers insisting that she is spoiling her daughter.

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Abraham posted a photo to daughter Sophia's Instagram account showing the tween holding up a glass of gold flecked apple juice. A sparkly juice is normal for special occasions for kids, but PEOPLE reports that a bottle of the fancy juice costs approximately $150, according to Lovin Dubai! If you think that seems a bit outrageous, you're not alone.

@burjalarab this should never end 🇦🇪

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The mom of one then posted a video of her daughter enjoying the beverage, and can be heard asking if she's become "obsessed" with the sparkly drink.

Abraham and Sophia were enjoying tea at the Skybar in Dubai's luxury  Burj Al Arab resort, writing that her daughter's gold juice will "never be forgotten."

Commenters were quick to call out Abraham not only for letting her child indulge in such a pricey drink, but also questioning why she isn't in school.

"That's ridiculous whether you can afford it or not it's apple juice honestly SMH," wrote one commenter. Many others agreed, suggesting that Abraham is spoiling her daughter by letting her indulge in such expensive items. She was also called out for constantly travelling with Sophia when other 9-year-olds are attending school.

"Any concerns that this young girl is not in school? Travel is great but education what is needed now....it is a balance, but not in this scenario," wrote another.

Even Perez Hilton called out Abraham on her post asking, "Is Sophia homeschooled?"

Farrah and Sophia recently returned from a trip to Fiji, and Abraham revealed last year that she is now homeschooling Sophia so she can be free to travel to more events because "she has a lot going on and this just helps her be the better her." Many question how much homeschooling is actually happening as they never see the 9-year-old with any books or homework.

Abraham has lots of time to travel with Sophia now that she has been fired from MTV. The former reality star claims she was fired by the network over her decision to pursue employment in the adult entertainment industry. She recently made headlines during an appearance in Cannes where she suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that saw her flash the audience at a fashion show she was attending.

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