Farrah Abraham Mom-Shamed Over Controversial Photo Of 10-Year-Old Daughter

Former reality star turned adult entertainer turned comedian (yes, really!) Farrah Abraham is very used to being mom-shamed for her actions surrounding her now 10-year-old daughter Sophia. Abraham has been shamed for exposing her daughter to her lavish lifestyle and traveling across the world instead of attending regular school, for letting Sophia wear makeup and most recently for allowing her to walk in New York Fashion Week.

Abraham recently came under fire after a picture of Sophia was posted on the young girl's Instagram account featuring her wearing an outfit she modeled during NYFW. The outfit consisted of black, leather looking pants and an off the shoulder shirt with the phrase "no boyfriend, no problem" on the front. The picture of the ten-year-old wearing the outfit was posted to her personal Instagram with the caption, "So true."

People were not impressed at all with the picture or the message and made sure to chime in with their thoughts in the comments. "Completely inappropriate for 10 yrs old," wrote one commenter, while another who agreed wrote, "This outfit is more for. 17 year old !!!! What mother in their right mind would exploit their child like this ??? Oh, Ferret !!! Because she is using her kid for a cash cow, now that she is broke !!!!!" Another commenter wrote, "I swear our society is erasing childhood, one year at a time."

Others called out Abraham and accused her of posing as her daughter on Sophia's Instagram. "This is disturbing. She’s 10. She should not be wearing these kinds of clothes, makeup, or worried about a “boyfriend” at that age. You really need an intervention from sane minded individuals. AND STOP TYPING AS YOUR DAUGHTER ON THIS PAGE, FARRAH."

Some commenters simply couldn't believe what they were seeing, writing, "very disturbing," "super inappropriate," and "Shame shame shame on u Farrah."

Many were focused on the fact that the ten-year-old was wearing makeup, and continued to comment on a different post featuring Sophia doing a makeup palette review.

While Abraham tends to ignore comments, she decided she had enough with the hateful messages people were posting on Sophia's posts and wrote her own message to her 'haters.'

"There’s some crazy parents commenting on here get off my daughters page and go parent your kids," she wrote.

While there are many people who are critical of Abraham and how she parents her daughter, they don't really seem to bother neither Farrah nor Sophia.

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