Farrah Abraham Arrested For Fighting At The Beverly Hills Hotel

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It seems that wherever Farrah Abraham goes, drama is sure to follow. The former reality star was fired last year from her long running gig on MTV's hit show Teen Mom OG due to her affiliation with the adult industry and her refusal to sever ties with it. Many also allege that her behavior towards the producers and staff on the show also played a part in her termination. Abraham was often seen belittling her producers as well as the crew on the show, although she often alleged it was simply footage edited to make her look bad.

It seems that bad behaviour has continued even now that Abraham has been fired. TMZ reported that the mother of one was arrested outside the Beverly Hills Hotel for allegedly fighting with an employee!

The site alleges that Abraham, who had Instagrammed a picture of herself at the hotel pool earlier in the day alongside fellow reality star and successful entrepreneur Mark Cuban and Australian actress Kate Neilson, got in to an argument with a male employee.

Law enforcement stated that the argument between the two and Abraham allegedly struck the employee, prompting a witness to call the police. TMZ states that alcohol may have been a factor, but Abraham was quick to pull the celebrity card as she was being arrested.

The site claims the reality star has been booked for battery and trespassing. Fans of the show will no doubt not be surprised at this recent turn of events. Abraham's behavior has become increasingly volatile as her 'celebrity' status has risen, and she's often been verbally abrasive to almost everyone she comes in contact with during her time on Teen Mom 2, including her parents and love interests.

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Many couldn't wait to call out the reality star on her Instagram page posting comments like, "Booked for battery and trespassing........ congratulations!", "Didn’t you get arrested for assaulting a staff member at a hotel? Yup.. you sure are a class act!" and "This must be a pic right before she got arrested for fighting with an employee at the hotel."

Abraham has yet to make any comment on her arrest, but this isn't her first time behind bars. The reality star was arrested in March, 2013 for driving under the influence in Nebraska. She pled guilty, agreeing to six months probation, a $500 fine, and six months of court-mandated sobriety.

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