Summer 2019 Is Going To Be Extra Hot And Humid, According To 'Farmers' Almanac'

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We're finally enjoying some spring temps around the country, and after the brutal winter many of us experienced, it is a welcome change! No polar vortex. No more snow bombs or cyclones or frozen air or whatever other cold hellscape we had to endure. Winter 2018-2019 sort of took everyone by storm, both in intensity and how relentless it was. Going outside shouldn't be painful, and a winter like the one we just had made doing ANYTHING nearly impossible. So when the snow finally melted, and the temps finally started to climb, it felt like we were finally coming back to life! So far, spring has been beautiful and mild, and we wish it was like this all year.

But unfortunately, we have some not-so-pleasant weather coming our way. After that brutal winter and a pretty good spring, we can expect summer to completely melt us. So ... yay? Better bust out that kiddie pool, guys. Sounds like it's going to be a hot one!

Farmers' Almanac just released their forecast for the summer, and if you were hoping for something a little more mild, we have some bad news. They're predicting an extra hot, muggy summer, with bonus rain and humidity. The Almanac uses a 202-year-old weather formula to predict weather patterns, and they have a pretty great track record.

Image: Farmers' Almanac

Last summer was one of the hottest on record, and it looks like this summer is going to give it a run for its money. New England and the Northeast can expect some muggy, wet weather, and the Southeast is going to be getting some of that, too. If you're in the region, expect plenty of thunderstorms and to for your hurricane shutters to get plenty of use.

The Midwest and central US can expect large hail and intense winds, so clearly picnic weather (UGH!). The Pacific Northwest looks like it'll fair pretty well this summer, with dry average temps. But the West and Southwest are in for some sizzling temps. We imagine a few heat records will be broken.

As climate change continues to go unaddressed, we can only expect more intense seasons, from frigid winters to scorching summers. As much as we've missed the warm summer months, this sounds a bit extreme.

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