Fans Are Worried That Jill Duggar Isn't Enjoying Motherhood

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Motherhood isn't easy. And you don't really understand that until you actually become a mother. As you move through motherhood, new challenges arise that can exacerbate those feelings of struggle. Fans of Counting On and the Duggar family have very strong and specific opinions about whether or not Jill Dillard actually enjoys being a mom.

Honestly, it's hard to say if she likes being a mom based on what we see. The way she interacts with her sons when there are no cameras is likely very different. When you're working that influencer life, everything kind of feels forced. Striving to make yourself seem carefree and fun can actually make you seem more stilted and disconnected.  Being off camera, taking the boys to the park or library or meeting up with friends may make Jill a more relaxed mom. But with her husband Derick Dillard in law school, she has to work somehow. And since they're not featured on the show, being an influencer is kind of her only option.

Another factor could be Jill's difficult deliveries. She was in labor with older son Israel for days. And there were complications during her home birth that led to her having to be sent to the hospital to have a c-section. While she was happy to have a healthy baby, many women in her situation feel sad about the way things turned out. Again, her pregnancy with the couple's second son Samuel was easy, but there were even more complications during his birth, including a another c-section after a unsuccessful home birth. Those complications, and having to still parent Israel as she healed could lead to undiagnosed postpartum disorders.

And having a toddler and a preschooler is hard. A lot of moms don't love the early years of motherhood, and it's entirely possible that she's one of them. "I don’t think Jill hates parenting, but I don’t think she’s enjoying the early years like she thought she would," one Reddit commenter says. Others think she needs to find fulfillment outside of the home. "Jill especially needs sometime away from the kids. I think having something in her identity that isn't just being a wife and mother will help her a lot," one commenter says. Jill did study midwifery and was certified until 2015. Perhaps she could get back into it.

Plus, Jill is still young! She had her first kid at 24, and had only been married for a short time. She's still learning so much that it's unfair to speculate.

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