10 Family YouTube Channels For Both You & Your Kids

YouTube has millions of accounts that upload to its platform every day. And there are hundreds of different subgenre of channels, from kids programming to gaming news. But with so many channels, it can be hard for you to navigate which ones your little ones are okay to watch.

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Luckily for you, there is also a subgenre of YouTube that has family vlogs and content that both parents and their kids will enjoy. Moms can relate to what the parents in the videos do every day for their family and your kids will instantly want to be friends with the kids on these channels. So keep reading to discover the top ten YouTube channels that you and your kids should both be watching together.

10 Our Family Nest

Our Family Nest is a YouTube channel that follows a Michigan family of six! Their channel is managed by the parents Ken and Candi and they upload daily videos of them and their kids Karli, Chase, and Andrew.

The videos are about everything they love in their lives like travel videos, doing entertaining challenges, any outdoor activities, and of their adorable dogs and cats. And with their channel having over one million subscribers, you know that people love watching this channel of all ages. So grab your kids and start watching a family channel you’ll love too with Our Family Nest.

9 8 Passengers

If you are looking for an uplifting YouTube channel for you and your little ones to watch together, then you want to check out 8 Passengers. With six active children, this family is always on the go and you will see how the parents are able to do it all.

8 Passengers' videos are up every Tuesday through Sunday, and those are about anything that the family does. There are videos about their swim practices, dance classes, travel videos with six kids, and even sillier ones like burning their kids' homework to celebrate the end of the school year!

8 The ACE Family

The ACE Family follows an adorable family of four that vlogs their day-to-day life as well as performs crazy challenges and pranks on each other. This family consists of a former basketball player Austin McBroom, his fiance Catherine, and their two kids Elle and Alaïa.

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Their channel has over 16 million subscribers and over 3 billion views. But with their videos about the family’s nightly routine and challenge videos like "If You Guess The Price Right, I’ll Buy It For You," fans are always waiting to see what they post next.


Follow this charming Irish family as they live their everyday lives in London with the SACCONEJOLYs channel. Follow parents Jonathan and Anna; their four children, Emilia, Eduardo, Alessia, and Andrea; and their six dogs as they spend time together as a family.

For videos that parents will love, like how they handle bathtime with four kids, to more serious topics, like having to take their kids to the emergency room, parents will instantly relate to what Jonathan and Anna go through every day. And, of course, there are hundreds of videos your kids will love to watch too, like their birthday party specials and fun videos of the kids traveling.

6 Sam And Nia

Sam and Nia films daily videos about their lives, marriage, and children on their YouTube channel. Sam and Nia have three children together: Symphony, who is eight, Abram, who is five, and Juliet, who is two. And these parents know that life isn’t always perfect, but it is making the most out of any situation that will make you appreciate everything you have!

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And with them uploading videos every day, you and your kids are sure to love all of their videos. From their kids playing out in the yard to grocery hauls, there is something for everyone on this channel.

5 Bratayley

If you and your kids are looking for a channel that releases new and exciting content every day, then you want to check out Bratayley. This YouTube channel releases videos that make every day look like a new exciting adventure, just like how life should be.

Parents Billy and Katie have two beautiful daughters, Annie and Hayley. Their channel features videos that follow them around as they travel, practice yoga, and the parents doing secret bedroom makeovers for their kids. So check out this channel that over 7 million people have already subscribed to.

4 Daily Bumps

Daily Bumps is a YouTube channel that is changing how parents and kids are entertained all together. This channel features exciting content with their quick humor, honest moments, original music, and fun adventures that will make you wish you were a part of the family.

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Daily Bumps has over 3 billion videos across all of their channels. And with new videos going up multiple times a week, you will surely not want to miss what parents Bryan and Missy and their two sons, Oliver and Finley, get into this time!

3 Family Fun Pack

If there is fun to be had, you can rest assure the Family Fun Pack will be there! Family Fun Pack follows a family of eight and their fun adventures they do every day. The kids on the channel are Alyssa, David, twins Zac & Chris, Michael, and their baby, Owen. With this many kids, you know that this family is always up to something.

Family Fun Pack does daily vlogs that document their lives as they grow and make memories. And with over eight million subscribers, you and your kids will be in great company as you watch their channel!

2 The LaBrant Fam

The channel formerly known as Cole & Sav is now The LaBrant Fam. And The LaBrant Fam follows a young newlywed couple Cloe and Savannah (Sav); Sav’s daughter from a previous relationship, Everleigh; and Sav and Cloe’s first child together, Posie.

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This family is one that you can tell truly loves each other and cherishes the time they have. And that is why this is a perfect channel for you and your kids to watch together. So teach your kids the importance of spending time with their family and making every moment count with The LaBrant Fam.

1 Family Fizz

Family Fizz markets their channel as a place that has family-friendly PG clean content. And most of that content includes vlogs, challenges, pranks, surprises, travel, celebrations, hauls, and comedy sketches! Family Fizz consists of parents Darren and Georgie and their adorable girls Mia, Sienna, Karma, and another baby on the way!

With daily videos, this family does it all, from travel from the U.K., where they are based out of, all over the world to places like the U.S. and Dubai. But this family keeps down to their core beliefs: treat others and be yourself by always releasing positivity into the world.

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