10 Family Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo can serve as a special way to commemorate or celebrate, and many people get matching ink with their family members. From siblings who are more like best friends and parent-child duos with a neat connection to entire groups that all get tatted up together, this can make for a great bonding experience!

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Down below, there are 10 different tat ideas that could work for loved ones to get together. Some are sweet and simple, some are more elaborate, a couple are based on pop culture, and all of them are unique ways to show off a family’s love.

10 Hearts

A heart is a basic design, but it speaks volumes, and we love this one from Pop Sugar.

Plus, there are so many different ways that it can be permanently put on a body. The idea that is shown off here is an awesome one for families as everyone can get a row of hearts, and one heart can be filled in on each person. For instance, this photo is probably of an oldest child, a middle child and a youngest child, and that is displayed through these dainty yet daring hearts.

9 Numbers

Another fun idea for a family tattoo is numbers, and this idea comes from Pinterest. The numbers can be written out in an attractive font. They could be Roman numerals, which are popular when it comes to tattoos.

Or they could also tell the world the order in which family members were born, as seen here, with 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4 and 4 of 4. These relatives also all got this ink in the same place, but everyone could get theirs in a unique spot, if they wanted.

8 Disney

The Disney brand is such a beloved one, so there are tons of tattoos out there that are inspired by classic films and characters. In this photo from Pinterest, two sisters are showing off who is older and who is younger, and they are doing it with the most iconic Disney symbol: Mickey Mouse’s ears.

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Even without the words, though, a simple yet special emblem like this one of Mickey would be super neat for a whole family to get together.

7 Ohana

Another Disney-inspired suggestion is up next, and it is one meaningful word: Ohana. This idea comes from Straight Blasted.

As Lilo and Stitch said, this Hawaiian word means family, making it the perfect thing for a list like this one (and a good idea, for fans of this film or not)! Furthermore, these people spelled it out in a cursive script that is just beautiful, and they also all got the same word in the same place, making them even more connected.

6 Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces are a common symbol for loved ones to ink on their bodies at the same time, as they connect and fit together, just like families do.

The best aspect of this idea is that some puzzles come with literally thousands and thousands of pieces, so huge families could all get this one little line drawing, even if extended members and new ones were being added in all the time!

5 Infinity

The infinity symbol is a meaningful one that is often seen inked onto bodies. These people all got one on the foot, and they added in the words “family” and “love” as well. This tattoo idea comes from Leg Tattoo Designs.

With or without the additions, this is going to keep on being a popular idea, since this one thing represents the bond loved ones share and the love that will never, ever end. And it is just so pretty!

4 Heartbeat

Up above, matching hearts were shown off, and next up, there are lines of a heartbeat, from designpress. Some people get these on their own, and they may add in a word (such as “life”), a shape (like a heart) or a one-of-a-kind design (like the Hogwarts castle).

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Some people get this design with one other person (like a spouse or a BFF) so that when the tattoos line up, they create one continuous heartbeat. And an entire family unit could all get this ink, as well, whether they lined up or not.

3 Rock, Paper, Scissors

A more playful family may want to opt for rock, paper and scissor tattoos, and this idea comes from Pinterest. This is a well-known game that is used as a way to pass the time or make final decisions, and it is a cute idea for a group of three. Siblings could get these, a parent and two kids could, or random family members may want to connect with these designs, such as a mom, an aunt and a kid.

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It would certainly be smart for members who actually play this game quite often, and they could then play with their ink even.

2 Locations

The next idea involves locations, and it's from stylendesigns.

These three people may all live on different continents. These three places may be their favorite spots. This could be where they all met. This may be their bucket list. They may have just liked the look, because the bold and black outlines do really pop! There are no rules when it comes to tattoos, at all and end of story. Obviously, these people found these three locales to be special… And that is all that matters.

1 Harry Potter

Last but not least, there are some tats that are based on the Harry Potter books and movies. This one is from Scary Mommy. Now, this story is one of the most popular ones that has ever been told on the entire planet, so there are multiple fans out there who have ink dedicated to it all. This one is super amazing, though!

As some may know, this stands for the Deathly Hallows: the Elder Wand (the line that is darkened, on the far right side), the Resurrection Stone (the circle that is darkened, in the middle), and the Cloak of Invisibility (the triangle that is darkened, on the far left side). A tattoo like this is perfect for showing off an interest in this tale and for bringing loved ones closer together.

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