Family Files Lawsuit After Served Wraps Filled With Bugs A Disney Resort

Listen, food poisoning is the worst. The worst! There's something particularly rude about something we love so much (food) making us want to crawl up in a ball and fade away. Food is so good, why would it turn on us in such an egregious way?! But it happens, often when we least expect it. It can be hard to pinpoint what you ate that caused you to become ill. But one family in Florida claims that they know exactly what caused them to become ill after eating at a restaurant at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida. The family has filed a lawsuit against the resort following a trip to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in Orlando last December.

They allege that while dining at a buffet at the Club Level Lounge, they discovered that the lettuce wraps they were eating were crawling with live bugs. The family says that the bugs caused them to become extremely sick, and are suing the resort for damages in excess of $15,000.

Image: Orange County Clerk of the Court

According to the 90-page lawsuit, four members of a family visiting the Club Level Lounge became violently ill after finding live bugs on their lettuce. Cynthia Walker, Jeoffrey Walker, Brittany Walker Figueroa and her daughter, Bella are listed as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. According to documents filed with the complaint, Brittany Walker Figueroa has already eaten several lettuce wraps when she felt something crawling around inside her mouth, and pulled out a small green bug.

The lawsuit alleges that the bugs caused the family to get very sick, requiring several hospital visits to be treated for food poisoning. The family is asking for at least $15,000 in damages to account for loss of capacity for enjoyment of life, lost earnings resulting from their hospitalizations, and medical bills. The family also alleges that they were served contaminated food in their hotel room that also made them sick.

Image: Orange County Clerk of the Court

In a statement, a spokesperson for Disney says the company plans on fighting the lawsuit. "Enjoying high-quality meals in clean and safe environments is an important part of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation,” the statement read. “We do not believe the claimed illnesses were a result of the guests’ dining experiences, and we will defend against these allegations in court." Attorneys for the plaintiffs have not responded to requests for comment on their client's lawsuit and allegations.

We're curious to see how this plays out! On the one hand, eating bugs would probably make us a bit queasy, too. On the other hand, we're not sure how little green bugs on lettuce could result in such serious food poisoning.

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