Family Living In RV After House Fire May Face Jail Time


A family in Mississippi have suffered through the loss of their home due to a fire. They are currently living in an RV, which is on their property. Apparently, this is unlawful and now they are facing a court hearing, and potential jail time.

The fire started Christmas Eve and destroyed everything belonging to the Navari family. Yet, things had gotten worse after the government claimed they were illegally living in an RV, in their driveway. The family thought it would be a good place for them to live while they waited on their insurance to fix their home.

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The Navaris went through all the procedures, such as asking for permission from city officials, and were approved. They were informed that everything was okay, as long as the Homeowners Association gave them a permit. However, a board member decided to reject their request and began to make life harder for the family.

As reported by the WakingTimes.comthe Navaris said, "The next thing we knew, we get a letter from a board member saying it was against the covenant. They were not able to change the covenant. They felt sympathy for us in our situation, but we needed to leave." Of course, the Navari family felt they no sympathy at all. They posted a picture of the email on Facebook to show others the injustice they were facing. They said this was an emergency, and officials could care less about it. They are now in violation of city ordinances which may bring up jail time.

The city sent enforcers to pressure and threaten the family to leave their property. The Navaris were shocked at how the city can be so cold to their situation. They are waiting on their lawyers to settle with the insurance company in regards to their home. But now, it has turned into a race-against-the-clock to get things settled. They don't want to cause any issues, and they just want their home back. The family only has a few weeks. If things are not set in order, they will be facing fines, court fees and a possible jail sentence.

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