This Is The Toddler Behind The Hilarious Meme That’s All Over Social Media

You know, we see a lot of memes on the internet - and we share a lot of memes on the internet! Some of them are recognizable, featuring celebrities or scenes or quotes from our favorite TV shows and movies. Others are recognizable simply because they're so popular and the story around the meme has been shared far and wide. But other memes we see feature people we don't know at all, people who aren't famous in any way (until they become a meme, that is). A lot of the time, these memes are of random kids whose parents happened to share a funny picture on the internet once that just took off. Because let's face it: kids make extremely good memes. They're just funny! And they do weird and hilarious stuff that we might be lucky enough to capture forever if we can whip our phones out fast enough.

It's not often that we get to actually meet the kids we see in the memes that make us laugh. But one mom whose son was turned into a viral meme is introducing him to the world, and we love little Landon already.

Marika Daniels posted this hilarious picture of her kids on her Instagram account, but she had no idea how much it would blow up. She just wanted to share it because, well, it's super funny! After a fishing trip, Daniels wanted to get a picture of her three boys proudly displaying their catch of the day.

But, as moms can understand, she was so preoccupied with trying to get Levi, 4, and Logan, 3, to look at the camera that she didn't even notice little Landon, 18 months. Landon apparently missed the memo that you shouldn't, you know, eat the fish you literally just caught. While his older brothers were holding their fish and smiling proudly, Landon decided the best place to display his catch would be ... in his mouth. Daniels says she didn't even realize what he'd done until she was looking at the picture later!

And the meme is true: every family DEFINITELY has that one kid, LOL. We love this meme, we love that Marika Daniels decided to share it, and we love little Landon and his tasty fish!

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