10 Family Friendly Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday

Each and every year more and more Christmas movies are made for the holidays, but not all of them your kids will enjoy. You want to watch a Christmas movie with your family that they are going to enjoy, get them into the Christmas mood, and teach them a positive lesson.

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But with so many Christmas movies out there how do you know which ones you and your family should spend their time watching? If you do not know where to start for Christmas movies then you need to keep reading to discover the top ten family-friendly Christmas movies to watch this holiday!

10 The Christmas Chronicles

A Christmas movie that was released last year that is going to become one that kids are going to want to watch every year is The Christmas Chronicles. This movie shows what happens when you don’t believe in Santa Claus and he appears in your house. Of course, you are going to try to capture him since he is an intruder. But now that you have him, his reindeer are all over the town and you and your sibling must save Christmas. Let your kids become true believers of Christmas by watching The Christmas Chronicles

9 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

On Christmas Eve, Clara goes on a once in a lifetime adventure and goes into four different realms in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. In this movie, Clara is searching for a key to her late mother’s gift. This movie is a beautiful masterpiece that is visually appealing with breathtaking effects to help you stay in this magical world where you can meet the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Mouse King, and nutcrackers. Enjoy a new twist on this classic tale by watching The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

8 The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause is a movie that can help answer the question of what happens if Santa Claus dies. The Santa Clause shows a normal dad turning into the jolly old elf after an accident he causes by having Santa fall of his roof.

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This movie shows his transformation and acceptance into his new role with help from a few new friends to make Christmas continue for children all over the world. After your kids enjoy the first movie your family can enjoy the sequel to this movie to make it a whole movie marathon with you and your family.

7 Grinch

There have been many adaptations of the classic Christmas book from Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but the one you need to watch with your kids is the newest adaptation called Grinch. This movie gives the Grinch a new fresh look as the audience learns about him and why he doesn’t like Christmas. But with Christmas being the most magical time of the year, even the Grinch can find out that Christmas is about people and starting over a new with people who love and support you.

6 The Year Without a Santa Claus

A movie that is going to get you singing their songs is The Year Without a Santa Claus. This movie shows what happens when the Miser brothers fight over what areas of the world should be covered in snow and what areas should get sunny warm weather. 

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Santa pulls some strings to get a sunny town some snow for a magical Christmas for its residents. Let your kids enjoy this iconic movie that you loved as a child and put on The Year Without a Santa Claus.

5 Elf

A magical creature that helps Santa Claus make all of his toys are elves. A movie that shows a human that was released by elves is Elf. Elf is a funny movie that your kids are going to enjoy every second of. Elf starts the hilarious Will Farrel in a tale of someone who is trying to get used to life in New York City, to get his long-lost father to accept him, and navigate a new relationship with a beautiful woman. This movie shows how important family is and that it doesn’t matter how long you are away your family will always be there for you.

4 Frosty the Snowman

A Christmas movie that has been charming generations of children is Frosty the Snowman since 1969. This adorable special lets your child see Christmas magic in this movie when a snowman comes to life. 

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This snowman that was built by the kids comes to life with a magical hat and takes the kids on a wonderful adventure. Frosty the Snowman shows kids that they can be kind and befriend anyone who is nice to them. Let your kids meet the one and only snowman who can walk and talk with Frosty the Snowman.

3 A Christmas Prince

People instantly fell in love with A Christmas Prince when Netflix released it a few years ago. This movie takes the Christmas festivities, adds in a bit of drama, a bit of romance, and of course, a royal family to make a feel-good movie that everyone will love from kids to adults. The best part is that after you kids have watched A Christmas Prince your kids can enjoy its two squeals that follow the main characters and their relationship. Make sure to start from the beginning and put on A Christmas Prince.

2 Home Alone

Home Alone is a wonderful Christmas movie that deals with the importance of family. This movie follows Kevin, a young boy, who ended up getting left home all by himself when the rest of his family goes to Paris for the holidays. 

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Now Kevin must protect his house from burglars and stay safe until his mother is able to come back to him. This movie will teach your kids to never wish that their family is gone as Kevin realizes how much he depends and relies on his family.

1 A Christmas Story

One of the most iconic Christmas movies that still holds up today is A Christmas Story. A Christmas Story has been listed as one of the best Christmas movies ever made since it is very family-focused, and describes a time period in time in America perfectly. This movie is funny and charming with their characters and interactions with each other. This movie is perfect for your kids if they want one special present that they’ve been thinking about forever. So pass down this movie to your kids and rent A Christmas Story.

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