10 Pros And Cons Of Taking Your Child On A Cruise

Picking the right vacation for you and your family can be difficult. From staying close to home and doing a road trip to wanting to take your kids on an exciting adventure at sea there are so many options for family vacations nowadays.

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But deciding to go on a cruise is different than going on any other vacation. Though some people love going on cruises and only take their family on vacation with them there are some cons when it comes to taking your family on a cruise. So keep reading to discover the pros and cons of taking your kids on a cruise.

10 Con: Has A Lot Of Planning

Sometimes some of the best vacations are when you decide to pack up the car and take the family on the road. If you are going to take your family on a cruise for a vacation there is a lot of planning that is involved.

Many times you need to plan for a cruise over a year in advance. There is the planning on what cruise you are going on, how you are getting on the cruise, what you are doing on the dock days and so much more. So if you are someone that likes to go with the flow then you might not want to go on a vacation on a cruise.

9 Pro: All Inclusive

A wonderful thing about going on a cruise for a vacation is that everything is all-inclusive, except for excursions. This means that the food you are eating, the childcare services, and more do not cost you any more than what you signed for.

One of the reasons why people love going on cruises is because they don’t have to worry about carrying cash with them when they are on it. Of course, there are things you can add on to your stay, but all of the basic things are included in the price of your ticket.

8 Con: Expensive

There is no doubt about it that cruises are expensive. From paying for the travel to the boat, the actual cost of the room, and all of the excursions you want to go on going on a cruise is expensive.

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When you add the fact that you have to pay for tickets for you, your partner, and the kids some people do not think it is worth it. Make sure you know how much a cruise vacation is going to cost you before you put down any payments for it!

7 Pro: So Many On Deck Activities For Kids (And You)

Cruises are not what they used to be, cruises now are filled with activities that you and your kids will love. On cruises, there are swimming pools and water slides, mini-golf, rope courses, arcades, laser tag, and so much more.

And for the parents, there are shows every night, gambling, and spas that you can relax at. Though different cruises offer different activities we know that you and your kids will find something they love doing on the boat! You might like the boat activities so much you might not even want to leave when you reach your dock location.

6 Con: Limited Excursions For Kids

People love to go on cruises for vacation because of the places that the boat stops at. Every place that the boat gets docked at there are excursions that you and your family can pay extra for to go out and do.

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But you might find out when you are looking at the excursion list that some have age limits on them meaning that your kids might not be old enough to go on them. Though you might still find an excursion you like to do with the family there are going to be more limited.

5 Pro: Safe

When planning a vacation one thing you think of as a parent is safety for your children. Cruises are very safe to take your children on. There are cameras everywhere onboard the boat so if they do get out of your side they will be easy to find.

With the staff being connected in tune they know how to handle a child if they get separated from their parents. So if you are planning on going on a cruise you can feel at ease knowing that they have top security to look after your family.

4 Con: You Pay For Excursions Per Person

Cruises already experience to start with and at each port, the cruise stops at you can pay extra to go on an excursion that is set up by the cruise line.

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Though many of the excursions are fun and exciting, they can also be expensive since they are not included in the cruise ticket fee. Not only do you have to pay for each excursion you have to pay for each person and that can add up fast! If you are looking for an affordable vacation a cruise might not be it for you and your family!

3 Pro: Very Family Friendly

Cruises are known for being great for adults to go on and have a great time, but they are also very family-friendly. Cruises have trained staff to be able to help and handle children. Cruises are no pack with hundreds of activities that kids can enjoy when they are on the boat, whether they are in a kid zone or out on the boat with you.

There are even going to be food options they are actually going to want to eat and will enjoy too! So don’t worry you won’t be the only family on any cruise that you go on.

2 Con: Might Not Have As Much Family Time As You Thought

With you and your family being on the same boat you might be thinking that there is going to be a lot of family bonding time.

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But the truth is that since there are so many activities to do on the boat you might not end up seeing your family a lot if you all want to do different activities and events. We are not saying that you won’t have those good family moments, but they may not be as meaning as you think there will be!

1 Pro: They Have Kid And Teen Zones

Like we mentioned before cruises have everything you can think of on them and this includes kid and teen zones, these zones are places where you can drop off your kids when you are on the boat so you do not have to be watching them.

The zones are filled with activities for your kids so they will be entertained the whole time they are there. And when you are getting to get them back you need to sign them out and they will only give them to people on their list, so no random person can check them out!

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