10 Fall Activities To Get Your Kids Outdoors

The fall season is upon us. The leaves are turning, the back-to-school bells chiming. Still, just because the kids have to sit several hours a day in class and a few hours extra finishing up their homework, it doesn't mean that outside play has to come to a halt.

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Contrary to popular belief, autumn is a great time to get the kids to venture outside. It is true, however, that parents have to get a bit more creative when considering fall activities, since trusty fallbacks like the beach are really just summertime activities. Luckily, we've compiled a list of 10 awesome fall activities that will make the kids beg to go outside! Enjoy.

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10 Nature Walk

Fall is often when nature is at its prettiest. Unlike spring, when things begin to bloom, fall is nature's wind-down. The leaves begin to shed and the air gets crisp, ready to start anew next year. Why not get the kids excited about the change by getting them up and out of the house for a nature walk?

Nature walks are perfect for children who like to explore what Mother Nature is up to. Encourage kids to take pictures, or make drawings of what they see later on once they are back inside. This can also be a great time to explore comparisons. Explain to little ones how things looked during summer versus how they look now.

9 Color Walk

Are you excited about teaching your little ones their colors? Will all the amazing colors fall has to offer, from bright red apples to multi-colored squash, pick a color and get outside. Let your little one pick out all the things that are the color of the day.

Encourage them to find at least 10 things, so they spend a decent amount of time indoors. It will also help them learn about colors and teach them patience when looking for different things in the world. Don't be shy about challenging them to expand their vocabulary and question their choices. Consider asking things like, "Is that really red or is it more of a magenta?"

8 Scavenger Hunt

Set out a list of common bugs and types of leaves that are easy to find in your area and pick them out. After they've been identified, take them back home and have a blast putting each treasure in its designated space on the scavenger chart you created. Outdoor activities are also a great chance to explore crafts with your kids.

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Scavenger hunts also help children advance their memory. Try to keep the scavenger hunt item list to a minimum, as you don't want to overwhelm your child. For the most fun, get some neighborhood friends involved in the hunt too.

7 Rake the Leaves

Then jump! After you let the kids help rake up the leaves, let them jump in the pile. This fun fall activity is bound to have them jumping about for hours. Not to mention burn off some of that extra energy they are sure to have from being in school all day.

The kids will also feel delighted to help out with more adult activities like yard work, so really do your best to enjoy that and compliment them on what a great job they are doing. Even if you need to come behind them later to get up those last bits.

6 Apple-Picking

Heading to an apple orchard for a family fall outdoor activity doesn't have to be as much of a feat as you may think. There are orchards all over, sure to excite and entice your little one. It'll also give mom and dad some much needed produce to enjoy around the house!

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Apple-picking is a really fun activity that can take the entire day. With all the fun things families can concoct with apples, why not spend a day learning about how and where apples grow? Apple-picking will be a very rewarding and educational experience for kids, especially since they can brag to all their kids at school that they picked that apple in their lunch themselves!

5 Pumpkin Patching

Pumpkins are THE fall staple. Pumpkin-flavored things just gives us that fall feelingAs such, heading to an actual pumpkin patch to pick out one of those huge pumpkins yourselves will be a huge success.

With all the fun things one can do with a pumpkin, why not? Many pumpkin patches also offer an inclusive hay ride and some food perks while your family is visiting their patch. So why not take the time to venture outside and do something the whole family will enjoy?Just save us some of those roasted pumpkin seeds!

4 Bonfire And Smores

Yet another essential fall childhood classic is smores. No matter what your preference for chocolate or gram cracker, smores are the go to for many kids during fall. So, to get the kids excited about the new season (and to get them outside in the fresh air), consider a daytime or nighttime bonfire and smore roasting session and let their sweet tooth do the talking.

If you are particularly concerned that school will keep them indoors, consider inviting over a few classmates to enjoy the fun.

3 Visit Haunted Houses

If you live in an area where there aren't any haunted houses, or maybe they just seem a bit too spooky for your little ones, consider making one of your own. Haunted houses can be around for longer than just the month of October and really add a fall holiday feeling onto any home.

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Consider just how old your little ones are before visiting or creating your own haunted house. Once you get it down, though, your house will be sure to be the hit of the neighborhood. Your little one will love trips out looking for decorations or visiting other haunted houses for inspiration.

2 Bird Spotting

The birds will be flying south for the winter, so this is a great time to spot the cool ones with different colors. Give your little one a pair of fun binoculars that are just his or her size. Then, see if they can spot out birds flying high in their V-shaped patterns, and birds sitting low, perched in the trees.

Do a bit of research for older children to help them learn about the types of birds in your area. If you see a rare one, that will be even more exciting. Fall is an excellent time to witness birds' migratory patterns.

1 An Adventure Through A Corn Maze

If you don't happen to have a corn maze near you, have no fear, there are tons of corn mazes worth taking a family weekend outdoor trip to. Corn mazes are amazing for kids who love to run and have a lot of energy. Just don't get lost!

Consider your child's age and the area of the maze before making a final decision. Corn mazes can also help children learn about agriculture and plant life cycles. Not to mention all of the amazing corn you and the family can throw on the grill once the day is done! If you're looking for great fall outdoor activity, look no further.

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