10 Amazing Fall Craft Ideas For Creative Kids

Looking for some fall-related arts and crafts for the most creative of kids? These crafts will get kids outdoors and thinking. They are perfect for every age and can even be a super fun way to get the parents involved.

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Nature lovers and thrifty moms will enjoy the recyclable ingredients required for most of these crafts and kids will enjoy how fun it is to use everyday items to create something fun, beautiful, and practical. So parents and children, ready to give that craft table a taste of the fall spirit? Get that glue ready! Read on for 10 amazing fall craft ideas for creative kids.

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10 Paper Bag Wreaths

For a really fun craft that will put those beautiful fall leaves to some use–after you and the kids have the time of your lives jumping in leaf piles of course–consider incorporating some of those brown paper bags from the market to make a fall-inspired wreath, perfect to decorate any door of the house.

Making the wreaths is simple, just cut out a paper bag circle and attach the leaves in a circular pattern using glue or tape. The kids will be overjoyed to see their work displayed on the doors of the house.

9 Make A Scarecrow

Whoever said scarecrows were just for farmers and scary movies? Scarecrows can provide that little bit of fall essence in the hearts of the kids without emptying out parent's wallets on craft items.

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For an age-appropriate scarecrow, first, consider what sort of crafts your little one likes. If they really enjoy magic markers or fabric consider going the simpler route and using cardboard, but for older kids who can really tackle the idea of a scarecrow from inception, parents can go all out using straw and old clothing to make their scarecrow come to life.

8 Pinecone Bird Feeders

Nothing says autumn quite like pinecones. So why not recycle those wonderful smelling pinecones and craft them up to make them a fun and useful backyard item? The kids will really enjoy getting messy with the steps involved in making these feeders.

After you go out to collect your pinecones, tie a string around each one, then slather it with peanut butter or veggie shortening, then coat it with oatmeal or cornmeal and add birdseed mix. The birds will love it and so will the kids. Be sure to hang the cones someplace you can see the birds land and eat.

7 Handprint Fall Tree

Reconstructing fall trees is part of every little's dreams when they see all the leaves shedding and falling to the ground. Why not give them a chance to do just that while also preserving their handprints with this fun, hands-on craft?

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To make fall leaf handprint trees, using kid-friendly paint and construction paper dip your little one's hand and arm into the paint then gently apply it to the poster board. The more handprints you make the more branches you will have for your leaves. Next using glue attach all the leaves you've found to reconstruct a tree. Simple and fun!

6 Carve A Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is one of the most memorable fall activities kids can participate in. Though the pumpkins do not last too long, for perishable reasons, the designs and the act of carving one's own pumpkin only to see it come alive at night is something every kid can hold onto for life.

If carving really isn't your thing, or you think your kids would like to have some more fun by adding a bit of color, consider painting or coloring the family pumpkin instead, this will guarantee a longer-lasting pumpkin as well. Though there won't be any pumpkin innards to eat. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

5 Leaf Butterfly

Of course, we all know how much of a fall staple the colorful leaves are. In addition to leaf wreaths, there are so many other crafts we can do to really value the beautiful fall leaves in all their glory.

Consider making leaf butterflies by choosing particularly colorful and odd-shaped leaves to be wings to a drawn center of a butterfly, or even drawing funny faces on leaves and pressing them into a book so your kids can remember your fun antics for years to come. With so many shapes and colors of leaves, the craft ideas are endless.

4 Homemade Halloween Decorations

Now for one of the best holidays to be a kid, Halloween! When else do kids get to dress up as their adorned characters from films, games, or shows, and get to ask adults for candy? A genius had to have thought that up.

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For fall crafty kids, consider getting them to make their own Halloween decorations. The creative opportunities are endless when it comes to homemade trick or treat decorations. From water jug ghouls to white sheet ghosts, kids will have a blast devising their proper ways to thrill neighbors and each other.

Not to mention they will take great pride in saying they made all the crafts themselves at home.

3 Googley Eye Turkey

Fall spans the wake of two amazing holidays. After the kid-tastic Halloween comes the family-oriented Thanksgiving. And nothing says fall or Thanksgiving like turkey.

For a fun-filled fall craft that is bound to get a few laughs from the kids, consider a googly eye turkey. Googly eyes are pretty easy to find at your local craft store or dollar store and making a turkey can be whatever method you and your little one desires. Whether you use construction paper, leaves, or pinecones for the body, collect all the fall essentials you can find and assemble them to make a fun, memorable turkey.

2 Acorn Necklace

Looking for some art you can wear? Parents love their kid's art, but what makes art all the more special is when kids and parents can wear it. Sure, that mantle piece of noodle art is impressive, but surely an acorn necklace adorned with glitter would top the charts.

Get your little ones outside and show them what an acorn is, help them pick out the best ones that would make good necklaces. Then once inside, set up a craft table and get those acorns decorated. Next, have mom or dad feed each acorn through a string or yarn and voila! Acorn necklace.

1 Make An Autumn Mask

What could be more fun than creating a fall masquerade right in the comfort of your own backyard? Use some leaves that the kids collect from around the neighborhood to make fall masks.

The masks can really speak to any level of craftiness your kids have. From eye cutouts of leaves for the littles to paper leaf mâché for the older ones, enjoy multiple forms of masks that aim to please the littles and onlookers. Keep in mind what colors go well together, which is a perfect opportunity for parents to teach their kids about blending and colors. Enjoy!

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