10 Activities Parents Can Do To Get Kids Excited About Fall

The summer is officially over. (Insert sad face here) But the kids don't need to have such a long face about fall. Sure school just started up and that means early mornings and after school activities, but that also means hundreds of fun family activities which families can only do in the fall.

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Not to mention all of the fun fall holidays and fun fall-only smells and tastes that come about during those magical months before the first snow falls. So if the kids seem less than excited about the fall season upon us, consider trying out these 10 fun, kid-approved activities that will make them love the fall season.

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10 Grill Some Smores

Chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow are probably the most well-known fall ingredients of children everywhere. Smores. It's not really autumn without them. So in order to get your little ones really excited for the fall season ahead, and in hopes of convincing them to say goodbye to the summer sandy beach days, get them outside on a crisp autumn night. Once there you can encourage them to toast their marshmallows for some good 'ole fashioned smores.

The kids will love getting their fingers a bit sticky while indulging in this childhood classic. The best part? They can share it with you and their friends.

9 Host A Backyard Bonfire

Ready to have your home become THE backyard cool spot of the neighborhood? It's pretty simple to do actually, just host a backyard bonfire for your child and his or her friends and their parents.

A backyard bonfire is a great way to get everyone together in fall to socialize, think big or small, not to mention this will be a great way to really reach out to the other parents. No firepit? Not to worry. You can make one. There are plenty of DIY projects for fire pits to make your backyard the go-to fall destination, plus doing a fun project like that is bound to get your little one really excited about fall.

8 Chomp On Pumpkin-Spiced Anything

Just as adults rant and rave about the new pumpkin-spiced coffee available at their favorite coffee shop this fall, kids can get equally excited about pretty much anything that mom or dad can make that's pumpkin-flavored.

Think pumpkin spiced muffins, pie, biscuits, cupcakes, even popcorn. Of course, there are healthier alternatives too. Pumpkin spice is a great way to get kids to welcome in the fall season. Besides who doesn't love a bit of pumpkin spice every now and again?

Encourage them to select a pumpkin spiced menu that parents can tackle throughout the course of the month, remember canned pumpkin is much healthier than pumpkin pie filling.

7 Carve Some Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is such a fun time for the whole family. Pumpkin seeds can be toasted and pumpkin guts can be spilled. Just be careful yielding those carving tools!

The fun fall activity all begins when the kids pick out their pumpkin design. Decide whether or not your family should make a silly or scary pumpkin then let your inner artist come alive as you trace on the outline.

Should the kids prefer to just paint the pumpkin that's an option too, have some color fun and get everyone's hands dirty. If carving is more your thing go wild and don't forget the candle. Enjoy placing the pumpkin outside and seeing it really come to life.

6 Go Fall Weather Shopping

Mommy and me days for new boots, a winter coat, fun sweaters, and fuzzy socks is the recipe for a strong love relationship with fall.

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Encourage your little ones to look forward to mommy and me shopping days. Especially when a new wardrobe is on the line. Think about clothes for the holidays and some things to wear to school. A solid snowsuit is also pretty important. Fall weather shopping is the best way to get the kids really invested in what's to come for fall.

5 Take A Family Country Drive

A country drive is a perfect time to see the foliage and get some fresh air with the family. Even if you live in the big city, plan a day after the leaves begin to change to take a country drive.

That added time with the family is bound to get the kids excited for the change of season, not to mention what that extra quality time can do fo the whole family. Considering packing a picnic lunch as well so when you arrive at the perfect scenic spot, you can chow down on your pumpkin spiced goods all together. Enjoy.

4 Design Halloween Costumes

When your family celebrates Halloween, one of the first things that will come to mind is what will the kids dress up as? Instead of taking a run to the pre-made Halloween craft store, consider designing your own costumes and making them yourselves using whatever available clothing you have available. You can also use any arts and crafts supplies you happen to have lying around.

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Sure a trip to the store may be inevitable but Mom and Dad will save and kids will love the ingenuity of being able to make their own costumes from scratch.

3 Apple & Blackberry Picking

Think of all the cider and pies you can make with all the fresh fruit you've picked. Going fruit picking is one of those really fun, all-day activities that the whole family can enjoy. The kids are bound to enjoy getting down and dirty and parents will be sure to capture a few photo memories to cherish for years to come.

Get your fall gear ready and put on some good walking shoes. Just think, after a day of picking your little ones will be delighted to get a good night's rest so bedtime will not be an issue and the fall memories will be plentiful.

2 Jam Making

Fall is the time to enjoy those favorite fruits that haven't been in season all year long! Blackberries, blueberries, and rhubarb are just a few. Make a date with the kids to make your very own homemade jam with a part of your fruit pickings. You will be glad you did.

Jam making can get a bit technical but the entire house will smell of love and fruit. What an amazing combination. The little ones will cherish those memories forever and should it go well, your family can make it a tradition, one that will really get them excited for fall year after year.

1 Bake

Finally, it's not too hot to turn that oven on. So take full advantage and bake your little one's favorite cake, casserole, or even some great tasting muffins. Be sure to get them involved in the fun. Toddlers will love helping mix and measure the ingredients.

Depending on what you want to make enjoy cutting out leaf-shaped doughs or designing fall-inspired icing on top. Play around with the idea of fall baking, after all, it is a crisper, cooler time of year. If possible, baking can really help with dinner time as well. Slow cooker and oven one dishes can be a real time-saver for parents.

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