10 Fall Activities That Kids Will Love (& You'll Secretly Love Too)

There's nothing more refreshing than when the chilling air of fall takes over summer's humidity. We feel reborn thanks to the change in temperature and seeing the leaves turn from green to shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. Fall also brings the opportunity for different activities and points of interest. Now that the pools are closed for summer, bring on the cool, outdoor activities and cozy indoor happenings!

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Whether you're babysitting or have a home filled with excitable children, these 10 fall activities are perfect for any age. Put on some cozy socks and maybe a plaid jacket, and head on out to the crisp fall air.


Raking leaves may sound like a chore, and that's because it is. But your kids don't need to know that, do they? All they know is that their parents are handing them these massive "combs" to rake all the pretty leaves into piles.

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Make a game out of it and see who can create the biggest pile. And at the end of the day, once the leaves have been raked and your yard is clear, jump into the leaves!


C'mon, you don't need to be a 6-year-old to enjoy a good pumpkin patch! With rows and rows of pumpkins, you and your kids can roam the aisles to pick as many pumpkins as you choose. (You'll also get some fantastic pictures.)

Pick ones for them to carve and then ask your kids which pumpkins would look beautiful on your front yard. Most pumpkin patches also have some kind of maze or hay bale pile kids can play on, so don't count local farms out of the fall schedule.


Similar to pumpkin picking, apple picking is just as fun and it's the perfect fall day activity because you get to eat the apples you've picked! To avoid the hassle of using the farm's plastic bags, bring your own baskets for each of your kids. Have everyone roam the orchard to pick what apples they find the tastiest.

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Once all the apples have been picked, bring them home where you and the kids can clean and prepare them for some fall baking!


Falls changing colors is what makes the season so stunning. The leaves are all different shades of colors, and the more you travel, the more you notice how different each landscape really is.

If you're blanking on a fall day activity with the family, don't count out a fall hike. First of all, hiking is free and you can play games while hiking. Ask your kids to keep their eyes peeled for certain birds or play "eye spy" as a family. When you're done hiking, why not have a picnic?


For some families, fall equates to football season. Even if your family isn't particularly interested in athletics, going to a college or professional football game can be quite exciting. There will be hundreds (or thousands) of people there, all rooting for opposing teams.

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Your kids can keep warm with hot chocolates and snack on some popcorn while they raise their thoughts on who they want to win. Most football games also take place on the weekends, making it a great time without interfering with school.


If you visited the pumpkin patch, carving your pumpkins is where the fun comes in. Your kids can decide what they want to carve into their pumpkins and although digging the "guts" out of the pumpkin can be gross and messy, kids have a ball with it.

They can also help scoop out the pumpkin seeds where you can rinse and roast them, making them a delicious (and healthy) snack. This is also a great teaching moment for kids on how we eat what we grow.


The month of October is essentially an entire month dedicated to Halloween. By the end of September stores and cafes are already decked out for the last day of October. From costumes to candies to fake spider webs, it's the time of year where people actually like being scared.

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Haunted houses are especially fun and if you have a child who's old enough to not be scarred for life from a fake haunted house, it could be the perfect activity to do with friends.


Bonfires are such an amazing nighttime activity that can really bring the whole family together. All you'll need is a proper firepit (to keep things safe), some dry wood, and maybe some lighter fluid.

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Once the fire is created, have your gather around to tell some spooky stories as they make their own s'mores. This fall activity could be the perfect ending to a perfect day.


Scarecrows were traditionally used by farmers to (literally) scare birds and other animals from eating their crops. They'd try to make them as lifelike as possible so that animals would stay away. However, these days you don't need a farm to make a scarecrow.

You can learn how to make one from a YouTube tutorial and have your kids dress, make, and name their own. Once they're done designing their own scarecrow, you can use them as decoration for the yard! (Or you can even enter them into a local contest if there is one!)


Tracing leaves is the ultimate cheap fall day activity. You can go on a hike with your kids to pick the best leaves around or they can run around the neighborhood for leaves that speak to them.

Once they have their leaves, place them in a book to flatten them out for a few hours. Once they're flat, place them on a flat surface, place a piece of paper over it, grab some crayons and color away!

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