Facing The Inevitable: 20 Ways To Reconnect With The Hubby After The Baby Arrives

After our babies are born, we not only feel like we have made an amazing accomplishment by giving life but that we are finally complete. We have our dream family with our partner and our new little one in tow. The first six weeks are definitely a whirlwind and we are lucky to have survived without suffering a complete meltdown or becoming seriously unhinged due to our emotions and hormones being all over the place. Because some of us know that a serious lack of sleep may certainly do that to a girl.

Once we complete our prenatal checkup and work on getting our bodies into pre-baby shape, we start to imagine our lives back to normal again, because we’ve still got it. So we pull out all of our clothes that have been stored in our closet for monthsand go through the collection.

We muster the strength to clean our house thoroughly for the first time in a month and a half and even manage to stop by the bookstore on our way home. But now it’s time to pay homage to the one person who has been our rock and our strength through the whole ordeal.

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20 Cook A Fancy Dinner Like You Did Before The Kiddos

Via: Mid-Day

Everyone loves a nice dinner, especially when it comes to wedding anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers, Day or date night. But those shouldn’t be the only times that a person is gifted with their favorite meal by candlelight.

Why not spend a few dollars and use the in-laws to keep the kiddoes for a few hours so that you can the table with candles and soft music while enjoying a nice scrumptious meal–for two?

According to Her View From Home, this is one of the top things that couples tend to miss out on yet one of the best ways to work on reconnecting with your other half.

19 It's Time To Go... Shopping! For Him!

Via: Stylecaster

If you thought gifts were just for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, then think again. Imagine how many times throughout the year you get showered with pleasant surprises on a random basis.

Most times it’s just because they were thinking of you, but others it may be because they forgot something important that you asked them to do and didn’t want to show up empty-handed, as per Vkool.

A nice new barbecue grill or toolset goes a long way in making the man in your life feel special, especially after breaking his back to be the best new Dad he could possibly be.

18 Take That Vacay Already

Via: Pinterest

Everyone likes to go off on a great vacation every now and again. Or if you live in a coastal town you can just consider it a weekend getaway.

You probably didn’t do much in the way of getting out, whether out of town or not during your pregnancy.

Just imagine how nice it would be to just pack up and go hit the sand while taking in the cool ocean breeze. Best of all the two of you could enjoy a nice stroll up and down the water. As per Vkool, it’s one of the most relaxing ways to get a refresher and feel new again.

17 It's Dad's Day Off

Via: itsa Lisa

One thing men undoubtedly love most in the world is having a guys night out. However, having a new baby around most definitely puts a huge dent in those plans. After a few weeks, his buddies are probably thinking he fell off the face of the Earth or they’re beating down your door wondering when he can come out again.

After being the errand boy around the clock for weeks on end, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give him a nice surprise. So, one day when he’s off from work, Crosswalk says to do this: tell him you dusted the man cave and he’s got the day all to himself.

16 Make Time To Stop And Smell The Roses

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When was the last time you participated in our favorite activity? Whether that be yoga, hiking, going for a run, a brisk walk, painting, or redecorating a room, it’s probably been awhile or at the very least the better part of a year. You may have been pretty cranky and could use some downtime.

According to Her View, one of the easiest ways to reconnect is to grab your guy out of the blue and go participate in something that isn’t too strenuous, gets those endorphins flowing and puts the fun back in your life. If it’s something new for both of you even better.

15 Go Off The Grid For A Day

Via: Yoga Journal

These days most people have extremely demanding jobs that require them to stay plugged in twenty-four hours a day and every day of the week. Especially if you’re in a management position, you are constantly putting out fires. Your husband probably lives for the times when everything goes smoothly as a baby’s bottom at work and he can just enjoy the rest of the day.

Ministry Minded Mom came up with the idea of simply existing with absolutely no distractions from the outside world. No emails, no texts, no television, no employees calling off. Just you, your partner, the kids—and that is all.

14 Show Him Appreciation

Via: Pinterest

Lots of women are so wrapped up in the post-partum period that she feels like anyone outside of herself has to have every single thing explained to them step by step so that it can be done perfectly.

So, you spend your day barking out orders and getting in a conniption if any detail is missed.

Of course, your husband deals with it because he feels he has no choice in the matter or you guilt trip him into thinking that it’s just a part of how things go. Crosswalk says showing some appreciation will make a world of difference.

13 Remind Him Of What You Love About Him

Via: Pinterest

As you look at your other half and get caught up in the details of everyday life, it is very easy to forget just how you got there in the first place. You look down at your beautiful little baby and see traces of your husband in his eyes or his cheeks or his mouth.

You may be reminded of how he has been bending over backward trying to please you. According to Vkool, men need to feel loved, too. Now might be a perfect time to start reminding him of all the things you love about him and the journey you are taking on together.

12 Leave Thoughtful Notes Around The House

Via: Did you know?

Have you ever went into the kitchen to cook breakfast and saw a note on the fridge reminding you to pick up some eggs from the grocery store?

Or how about went in the bathroom to brush your teeth and saw a note about the dinner date you have with coworkers? Well, your partner likes notes as well, and not just the bright pink, green, or orange sticky notes that remind him of what bill is coming due.

So, the next time you go to jot down that the dishwasher needs repair, change it up and write something thoughtful; Crosswalk says it’ll make him feel great.

11 Encourage Participation On Both Parts

Via: Hello Magazine

You have certainly figured out by now that caring for a newborn is definitely hard work. Most of the time he may be standing idly by asking what you need from him to make things easier since he’s probably not feeling very helpful or doesn’t know how to be.

One thing you can do not only to make things easier for yourself but to make him feel included in the process is to encourage his participation in things. He will certainly welcome the fact that you appreciate his effort and reminding him that being a great Dad is just as important as being a great Mom, according to Crosswalk.

10 Put The Grandparents To Good Use

Via: People

Grandparents aren’t just there to pester you or give unsolicited advice when it comes to your newborn. Sometimes they can actually be very helpful when it comes to certain situations. They are always offering to help do things around the house like cooking, cleaning or looking after the kids.

So why not use this to your advantage? According to Ministry Minded Moms, grandparents can be an excellent low-cost solution to give you an extra set of hands around the house to allow you to let your partner get some free time away from the house or the two of you together.

9 Become Smitten Again

Via: Medium

Do you remember when you first became smitten with your husband and you had those butterflies in your stomach? Or the first time he kissed you? Well, some older people believe that as the decades go by, you can have all sorts of feelings about your spouse.

Many have said that you can fall in and out of love with a person over and over again throughout your marriage. If you find yourself having some negative feelings about how you will hold things together after the arrival of your little one, it sure won’t hurt to let yourself get all the feels from time to time, as per Vkool.

8 Sweet Text Messages Will Get You Really Far

Via: Pinterest

Everyone loves to get a distraction throughout their day, especially when it comes at a time when they are in a boring meeting, dealing with someone difficult or just want to take a much-needed break.

Why not let that be a sweet message from you to your husband. It could be as simple as “I love you, I was thinking about you, can’t wait to see you later, or you make me smile.”

Regardless of the wording of the message that you send according to Crosswalk, the intention is the same. Your other half is guaranteed to be thinking of you all day long.

7 Call It A Day—Together

Via: Best Life

Most couples have opposite sleep. Once you throw kids into the mixture it can get a little crazier and you may even find that your sleeping schedules have to flip-flop. This can cause you two to be like trains passing in the night most of the week.

So, on those days where everyone seems to be in the same place for a couple of days, just try to make it a point to do something different. It can be as small as volunteering to go to bed at the same time. It makes a difference to relax and settle down from your day together, according to Vkool.

6 Be A Source Of Encouragement

Via: Bustle

As mothers, we come with a pre-built mothers instinct when it comes to handling caring for a newborn.

But, Dads don’t necessarily get thatinstead, they get a sense of protection, worry, and “OMG I have no idea what I’m doing, “ syndrome.

So, when they mix the formula incorrectly the first time, fasten the baby’s diaper backward or hold the baby with their hand incorrectly positioned at the neck. Thus, always try to greet them with encouraging words, even if you don’t fully mean it at the time. It goes a long way, as Vkool says.

5 Laugh... A Lot

Via: Pinterest

Keep in mind that while you were at home tussling with the duties of caring for a baby all day, your partner was at work for hours. As human beings, we all have those times where we just need to have a few laughs or a lot depending on how the week has been.

So, while you may be walking around one step away from pulling your hair out and he can’t bear another complaintthe perfect solution would be to tell a funny story or remember a great joke so that you two can unwind from the day. After all, Her View reminds us that laughter is the best medicine.

4 Keep A Positive Perspective

Via: Pinterest

Having a baby at home can definitely put people through the ringer, especially if it is your first child. However, once things start to settle down a bit, it’s important to get back into a positive routine. And yes, this may be easier said than done.

But as a famous person once said, "Negativity is a state of mind".

Once you start to put on a happy face and look at everything from a bright perspective, you will start to see things in a completely different light. Ministry Minded Mom reminds us that parenting is stressful and our partners will surely appreciate us for being their light in the darkness.

3 Enjoy The Little Things—Like Quiet Time

Via: Hostelworld

Sometimes the best time is spent in solitude or in this caseyou and your spouse in solitude together in the same space. For most people, this is only done when an argument has ensued and you are giving one another the cold shoulder.

But, this time it’s the exact opposite and the possibilities are endless. It may be a time for anything you want it to be. Stealing a few moments to cuddle, sitting side by side, reading your favorite novels, resting your head on their shoulder, or just having space to collect your thoughts as we learn from Vkool.

2 Catch Up On Your Favorite Show

Via: Pinterest

Everyone has a favorite show, whether you’re a fan of murder mysteries like Criminal Minds, have a secret wish of being a politician like Scandal, love laughing like Seinfeld, or love soap opera dramas like The Young And The Restless—television can help to lighten up anybody's mood.

It may even inspire you to go after a dream that you’ve put on hold. But, it’s not so much what type of show you should watch with your partner as it is the fact that even for an hour—as Vkool tells us—you and your partner will enjoy a brief escape from the realities of parenting.

1 Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Via: Pinterest

Before you were parents you were a couple who shared lots of beautiful memories together. Maybe it’s the time he tried to bake your favorite cake and forgot to add yeast to the dough that made you chuckle.

Or when he picked you up for your first date in his only tux that didn’t come with a matching tie that you remember. How about that weekend together that got crashed by his buddies?

Or when he braved the cold to unfreeze your door locks so you could drive home? Whatever the reason, Crosswalk reminds us that those memories remind us of just how far we’ve come.

References: Vkool, Her View From Home, Ministry Minded Mom, Crosswalk

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