Creepy Faceless And Headless Dolls Pop Up Over Town

In the horror hierarchy, dolls are pretty up there when it comes to the creepy factor. This makes it so a string of weird events in one small area of Missouri is enough to give you nightmares. In Jefferson County, Missouri, there has been a rash of creepy headless doll sightings that is leaving law enforcement stumped. About a week ago, people started finding life sized headless and faceless dolls in random areas around the town. These dolls are stuffed, and have been left against lampposts, behind dumpsters, and on the side of the road.

According to KSDK News, no-one knows where they are coming from or why, but they are certainly giving people the heebie jeebies. Multiple people ended up calling the police, so now they are left trying to solve the mystery of these incredibly creepy dolls.

Some have been found without heads, and some without faces. Another had it's hands sewn to it's face as if it were crying. Because they are life sized, some people have thought that these were real children in distress. Law enforcement is warning that although this may be a prank, people could be in danger if they atop to help what they think is a real child.

For the people who live in Crystal City and Festus, these dolls are as unsettling as they are weird. Police are investigating in an attempt to sort out where these dolls are coming from, and why. One big concern is that good Samaritans will stop to help, potentially endangering themselves.

It is unclear where these dolls are coming from, but it seems that some vanished as quick as they came. Whether they are gone for good or simply being moved around is unknown. Local police are looking into the situation.

As if dolls aren't creepy enough, headless and faceless child sized dolls? My goodness. Halloween certainly seems to be coming early to the area. Hopefully they can figure out the mystery soon before any more people lose sleep or are potentially harmed trying to help one of these "kids".

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