Woman Briefly Loses Sight After Salon Uses Nail Glue To Apply Lash Extensions

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There's nothing quite like that wonderful feeling of being totally glam after you have false eyelashes first applied. This is doubly exciting whenever you're a mom because we don't always get to be dressed up and spent probably way too much time in yoga pants and glancing at yourself in the mirror with false eyelashes or (gasp!) looking like you're ready to take on the world during school drop off in the morning is all the confidence we need to make it through the day. However, you've gotta vet where you are having these false eyelashes applied because it could cost you your sight.

Based on the simple fact that you will have your eyes closed during the entire eyelash extension procedure, makes it that much more important that you know what's being used on your body ahead of time. Believe us when we say that you do not want to have an eyelash gone bad story comparable to the one recently shared on Twitter.

Megan Rixson, a 20-year-old student studying in Luton, Bedfordshire booked an appointment to get her eyelash extensions on October 19th. This happened at an unnamed salon that she was using for the first time, she shared with The Daily Mail. During the procedure, she explained that she felt burning, but the worst happened after she left when she was unable to see anything for two hours. Yikes.

The thing is this: she did tell the person who was applying her lashes that she felt stinging in her eye and was told that it was normal and to continue holding her eye open. Rixson's eyes were burning so bad that they kept naturally closing, but kept being told that was normal. She knew it wasn't, though.

After she was finished, she sat up on the table and had a really hard time opening her eyes. Still, the woman doing the application assured her it was normal.

Upon getting home, she tweeted a video sharing her story and opened up about how much pain she was in and how incredibly blurry everything was.

Rixson returned to the salon with her boyfriend and found out they had used nail glue on her eyelashes. She is recovering from the procedure and didn't face any permanent damage, but is urging everyone to do their research before making an appointment at a new salon. After all, you never want to put your eyes in jeopardy!

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