10 Extracurricular Activities for Kids (That Aren’t Sports)

When someone thinks of any after school activity many people instantly think about sports. With sports form cheerleading to baseball, there seems to be a sport for everyone. But there are many times that a child is not interested in joining any sports team since they have other interests.

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There are hundreds of other activities for kids to participate in that can teach them the same life skills like sports do, but one that they will enjoy participating in. Don’t push your kids into a sports team they will not enjoy, instead keep reading to discover ten extracurricular activities for kids that aren’t interested in sports!

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10 Band

Getting your child involved with music can be a very rewarding extracurricular activity that will teach them skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Playing a musical instrument teaches kids discipline, teamwork, and can help them improve their math skills. There are several exciting instruments that your child can choose from too!

From the clarinet to flutes to even drums or guitar there is an instrument out there for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your child is in the school band or takes lessons at a private music school, either way, they will surely enjoy this activity.

9 Cooking

Cooking classes are a fun and tasty extracurricular activity that your child will love if you enroll them. Cooking is a skill that everyone needs in life and taking cooking classes can teach your child how to use the stove and oven in a safe setting.

This will teach them the basics about the kitchen and build their confidence around sharp tools. We know that your child will enjoy spending time creating a dish and will enjoy it, even more, when they can take a bite of what they made!

8 Robotics

A great science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activity that your wild will be thrilled to join is robotics. Robots use all of the STEM resources as your child help builds a robot in a team to compete against other teams.

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These robots your child helps create will have to be able to complete tasks in competition in the fastest time to win. Robotics is wonderful for children who want to use their brains to be creative and build something awesome! So look around your town and see if there is a robotics team your child can join.

7 Theater

If your child is interested in the arts, then you are going to want to look up local theater’s that your child can join. Theater is an amazing activity that will teach your child confidence, dedication, and cooperation. The best work is that after all of your child's hard work they will be able to put on a show for everyone in the town to enjoy.

There are so many amazing plays that local theater puts on you will be amazed by all of their dedication to putting on a show. Get your child involved with local theater today and watch them shine at something they are passionate about.

6 Pottery

Sometimes the best thing to do is to get your hands messy and enjoy crafty something ad pottery would be a wonderful extracurricular activity to get your child involved in. Potter will give your child a sense of accomplishment while they can use their creativity to make anything they put their minds to.

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From vase to figures pottery is not just a great activity, but it is also a fantastic way to destress. So if your child works hard in school to get good grades to try introducing them to pottery to help them unwind.

5 Choir

Does your child love to sing? Then you need to get them involved with the choir. Choir will teach your child to hone in on their singing skills to help them evolve into a better singer. Your child is going to be able to sing classical songs to new songs that are being released today.

Remember there are many different choirs that your child can join, from school to church and everything in between we know there is a choir out there that will be perfect for your little one to join.

4 Book Club

If your child is a bookworm than you need to introduce them to other kids that love reading to and find a local book club for your little one. You might already know that libraries offer book clubs for adults, but many libraries offer book clubs for children too.

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Children's book clubs select age-appropriate books for kids to read and then talk about the things they loved about it. This is a great way to take an isolating activity and make it a social interaction for your child.

3 Volunteering

Volunteering can be a very self-rewarding tool for your child to get involved in if they are not interested in sports. Several organizations are always looking for new volunteers. Some great places to start looking at are hospitals, religious organizations, nursing homes, and senior centers.

2 School Newspaper

Being involved in the school newspaper is a fantastic way to get your child involved with school activities, but doing something they love. Writing for the school newspaper is great for your child since they will improve their writing skills, storytelling skills, and communication skills.

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Even if your child just enjoys written and doesn’t want to be a writer when they grow up being a part of the school’s newspaper can really help connect your child with other kids who enjoy writing for fun! So let them get the inside scoop and get them involved with the school’s newspaper.

1 Foreign Languages

A skill that many people are now taking up is learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language is a perfect extracurricular activity for your child since they can have fun while learning something new!

A foreign language can help them communicate better in their native language and make them more desirable as an employee when they get older. There are so many languages that your child can learn, so make sure that you take the time to talk to them and see what language appeals to them and what they want to learn.

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