These Indestructible Black Tights Will Last You At Least Three Seasons


If there is one accessory that every mom would love to have in her closet, it’s at least one pair of indestructible tights. After all, many women like to keep their legs nice and warm and especially while wearing a dress during the colder winter season, right? Luckily, there is a pair of tights that can last you up to three seasons without all of the wear and tear that you would expect from them.

Everyone on social media is raving about the super opaque full tights that you can purchase from Express for just $20. Some people say that the quality is so good, they’ve lasted them anywhere from three to four different seasons. That’s saying a lot, considering that the average pair of tights only last a woman no more than three to four wears.

According to Kristin Granero of the Today Show, she thinks that the Express tights are the best thing to ever happen to her, fashion and style-wise, of course. She writes, “No holes. No runs. Just glorious opaque coverage time and time again. To this day, they are my longest-running pair, outlasting every other one that I have purchased.”

But just in case you might not be convinced (after all, every woman out there has a different body type and wear clothing and accessories differently), there are other tights on the market that are just as good, according to women who have tried and tested them. One of them includes Manzi Run Resistant Control Top Tights, which are available on Amazon for just $7. The tights have about 600 reviews and a 4.3 star ratings.

There’s also Hue Women’s Opaque Sheer Tights, which also run for $7 and are available at both Amazon and Macy’s. There are about 14 different colors that you can choose from (who doesn’t like variety?), and can match any outfit. It’s been noted that if you choose to buy these tights, order one size up as they tend to run small.

With so many different tights to choose from, it’s without a doubt that you will look both stylish and happy, knowing that you’ve invested in a pair that will last you longer than this current season of your favorite television show.

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