How To Explain The Importance Of Thanksgiving To Kids

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It's the holiday season and we've still got one important date in our calendars before Santa comes to visit - Thanksgiving. For most of us, it's a day that's all about family, pumpkin pie, yams and a turkey fit for a king - and of course, giving thanks for all of the wonderful things we have in our lives, big and small. It can be difficult to explain the importance of these holidays to children, who often don't realize there is anything more behind it than a good dinner and possibly some gifts. According to Bright Horizon, there are a few things you can do to help your little one get into the holiday spirit.

Explain The Why

It might sound very simple, but it all starts with explaining why we celebrate Thanksgiving in a simple way that's easy for them to comprehend. At its core, the holiday is about the fall harvest that brought together the pilgrims and the native Americans. If you tend to get a little tongue-tied, then there are plenty of sweet cartoons that do the explaining for you on YouTube.

You can also add to the ambiance of the occasion by making the day less about the parades and football games and more about spending time together as a family. Talking about family traditions and telling stories will stick out more in a child's memories that seeing a float go down 5th Avenue.

Get Them Involved

Getting your child involved in the food prep can also help too, as it's an opportunity for them to learn about food, where it comes from, and how lucky we are to have it readily available to us. If possible, you could take any leftover food to a shelter, thus showing your little one that there are others out there less fortunate, and how important it is to help those in need - just like the pilgrims and the native Americans. The significance of helping others won't be lost on your child and you'll be putting them in good stead for the future.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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