Experts Asking Parents To Be More Active In Preventing Tooth Decay In Kids

Tooth decay can happen when the enamel of your tooth gets destroyed. If a tooth experiences enough decay, it can lead to cavities, which can be painful and then need to be treated. Cavities are something that many adults dread, but as a parent, taking your child to the dentist for a sore tooth may seem like an awful fate; one that you hope can be alleviated seamlessly. A major dental trial, conducted recently, looked at a variety of ways which tooth decay can be treated and you may not be surprised by their findings.

Experts Asking Parents To Be More Active In Preventing Tooth Decay In Kids

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It may seem as if the obvious is being stated, but during this study, researches were able to conclude that when it comes to children experiencing tooth decay, and the pain that can come along with it; the best way for parents to handle it is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This recommendation comes after a three-year study which compared three different treatment options for tooth decay in children's teeth. This study was led by dentists from the Universities of Dundee, Newcastle, Sheffield, Cardiff, Queen Mary University of London and Leeds. The three different treatment options studied were traditional fillings, which is a less invasive method where dentists sealed the decay to prevent further decay, and a preventative approach to help avoid tooth decay from progressing or forming altogether.

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During the study, roughly 1,140 children between the ages of three and seven with  visible tooth decay were observed, by participating dentists who worked in one of 72 dental clinics in the UK. One of the three treatment approaches was then chosen randomly for each child's dental care for up to three years. The study found that there was no best option. Furthermore, it all seemed to have the same level of effectiveness, when it came to stopping the pain and infection caused by tooth decay.

Based on this study, parents are advised that the best way to prevent their child from experiencing pain from tooth decay is to be proactive when it comes to their children's dental care. Doing so only takes a few steps. First, brushing your kid's teeth with fluoride toothpaste; with particular emphasis on night time brushings and avoiding giving them anything to eat after brushing. The occasional cupcake at a birthday party or treat won't do too much damage. Second, parents should avoid sugary drinks and snacks in between meals on a regular basis. Finally, by seeing a dentist on a regular basis, parents will be informed about any dental issues early on, before they become bigger issues.

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