10 Exercises To Help You Slim Down After Pregnancy

Let's face it. Pregnancy and motherhood is going to change your body in ways that you did not expect. This includes people who worked out while pregnant too! This is because your body was taking care of a growing baby inside of you. And while there is no shame in not wanting to "get your body back" or taking time to heal before you start a new fitness journey, some women feel that working out/exercising helps preserve their sense of identity (which can be lost when one makes the transition into motherhood; which some believe can contribute to post-partum issues.)

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But with hundreds of different workout and exercise, how do you know which ones are going to be best for you? So keep reading to discover ten of the best exercises to help you get the most out of your body after giving birth.

10 Zumba

When you are working out you do not want it to feel like a chore, and one of the best ways to make exercising exciting is to have fun when working out. A fantastic way to have fun and still get a good workout in is to take Zumba classes.

Zumba is an exciting way to get tone and exercise while listening to music and dancing! The dances that they create are ones to help focus on arms and legs to get you in the shape you aim for.

9 Jogging

A great way for you to feel great while working out is jogging. Jogging is a great cardio workout that many people go to when they are first working out. This is because jogging can be done around the neighborhood you live or on a high school track for free.

But if you do have a gym membership then you can still jog on their treadmills. The best part about jogging is that you can take it at your own pace. So start with the basics of working out and start pounding the pavement by jogging.

8 Boxing

An exercise that can help you feel empowered and energetic is boxing! We are not talking about getting into a boxing ring and hitting another person, we are talking about boxing classes. All over the world boxing classes are popping up and allowing people of any age to find a new passion for working out.

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Though boxing sounds like it would be an all upper body workout, it is not, it is a full-body workout. Head to your local boxing class and see what everyone is talking about for the best new way to workout.

7 Pilates

Pilates is a workout that you heard for years from celebrities in Hollywood. Now after having your baby pilates is going to be your go-to favorite workout. Pilates is known for being an amazing exercise since it is low impact and is known for strengthening your core.

Your core is going to be the best part to strengthen since your stomach stretched out for your growing baby. Work on the area that you think needs it the most and do Pilates to help strengthen your core to how it was.

6 Swimming

Another great low impact exercise is swimming. Swimming is a wonderful way to have fun while exercising. Even though you are having fun splashing in the water, you will surely feel the workout once you dry off.

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Swimming is a great head to toe workout since you are using your arms and legs to move you through the water. With the bouncing of the water, you will feel as light as a feather, no matter what size you are. Head to your town's local pool and swim for a few laps for a fantastic workout.

5 Interval Training

If you are very particular about what you do then you need to look into interval training. Interval training is when you combine low impact and high impact sets back to back. These can be seen for runners who walk then sprint or even for weight lifters who will lift lighter then heavier.

Interval training is a wonderful way to see results and build up your endurance. In the long run, you want to build up your endurance so you can handle chasing around your little one once they start walking.

4 Cycling

Cycling is a fantastic workout for those who want to be on the move while slimming down. Cycling outside can be very relaxing while you pedaling through your town and get a work out in. If you do not have a bicycle to ride around there are also cycle classes you can take at gyms.

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These classes are a great way to feel pumped up and get a hard workout in. Whether you are on a bike trail or taking a cycling class this workout is sure to be one that will get you back into your pre-pregnancy shape.

3 Lifting

Many times after a woman gives birth her body is not who she wants it to be and most of the time a woman just needs to tone up. Lifting weights is a great way to help tone and firm up those spots on your body you are not in love with.

Though you may be considered that lifting can lead to bulking muscles, you would need to be training specifically to build extra muscle to get that body shape, Head into the weights section of the gym to help tone your arms, legs, and butt.

2 Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful exercise for a few reasons, it is low impact, great for building flexibility, and for toning the body, and can help you slim down. Yoga is about being able to hold a pose and focusing all on form. Not only is yoga great for your body, it also does wonders for your mind.

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Yoga is all about feeling connected to your body and now that your baby is born you might feel like you do not know your body anymore. But by practicing yoga you can feel great physically and mentally.

1 Walking

If you are someone that can't afford a new gym membership after welcoming your child into this world, but you still want to slim down then you need to talk up walking. Walking is a great exercise for those who have any knee or ankle problems since it is low impact.

And walking is something you can do with your baby since all you need is a stroller to be able to push your little one in. So start with the basics when it comes to slimming down and head to a local trail to go for a walk.

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