EXCLUSIVE: Nicky Hilton Talks About Mom Life With Toddlers & Her New Shoe Line

Nicky Hilton with daughter and posing with shoe collection

In the years since she first entered the pop culture landscape, Nicky Hilton has proven herself. It feels like we've all grown up together, from young teens and 20 somethings living their best lives now to mothers and women taking on the world. Moms.com was lucky enough to have a chat with Nicky about what mom life to two toddlers looks like. And she gave us the details on her brand new shoe line with French Sole.

As a mom to toddlers (her daughters are ages three and almost two) life is certainly never dull. She admitted that potty training is the current battle that's happening over in the Rothschild house. While her older daughter is pretty much , her younger one wants in on the fun too. "She's already trying to get on the potty and copy big sister," she says hopefully.

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Having two toddlers at home is definitely not for the faint of heart. And it's definitely not easy. But there was something  that Nicky was surprised to learn about herself. "Being a parent has taught me how patient I really am. Because patience is key with two toddlers. Remaining calm, whether it be a tantrum or on an airplane, or over anything, takes patience," she admits. And if that isn't true, we don't know what is.

"I'm also surprised (although my mother probably wouldn't be surprised) at how strict I am. I'm very strict, they have a militant schedule. Snacking, and napping and going to bed, bathtime. And they follow it incredibly," she says. "I truly believe that children thrive on a schedule. When they hear that bathtub going, they know that bedtime is coming soon and it makes them feel safe."

But she understands that what works for her may not work for everyone. "I have friends who don't stick to a schedule, and they're happy too. But schedules really work for my family and I."

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As a working mom, schedules certainly do help. Especially during those times when she or her husband, James Rothschild are traveling for work. "My job does require a lot of travel [for things like trunk shows and meetings with buyers] and that's tough," she explains.

Being away for work, even when she's in the same city but not in her house is hard too. We can't be everywhere at once, and when we're working, that usually means we're missing something at home. "It's hard, especially at this age when there are so many milestones happening. I don't want to miss anything. I remember, I miss my daughter's first tooth coming in. My husband called me and I dropped everything I was doing and rushed home, but that was also first baby stuff," she said.

But now that she has two little ones at home, missing things hits a little harder. "There's such a short window where you can hold them and they can sit on your lap that you just want to be present and not miss a thing."

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While traveling and being away from home is certainly one of the hardest parts of being a working mom, there are other challenges too. "I think managing equal time between the both of them so the both feel special and important can be a battle sometimes," Hilton says. "So I like to do lots of one on one dates with the girls so they have their mommy time."

As the conversation shifted away from the struggles of being a working mom, we talked about all the work she does. Most recently, Hilton released her debut shoe line in collaboration with company French Sole. "The collaboration was really organic. I was a customer and now I'm a collaborator, it's really awesome."

Hilton's relationship with the company goes all the way back to the '90s, when Hilton was in high school. "Growing up in New York City, French Sole is an institution. I used to go to their flagship store for my school shoes," she explains.

"I went to a strict all girls Catholic school on the Upper East Side [Convent of the Sacred Heart] where we we wore uniforms and we weren't allowed to wear tennis shoes and definitely weren't allowed to wear heels. So I had to find my perfect flat. So I started wearing them in high school and now continued into adulthood and mommyhood."

Shoes are just Hilton's latest foray into the fashion world. Back in the mid 00s, many of us probably had clothes from her clothing line Chick by Nicky Hilton. Since then, she's done other collaborations and lines.

"I've designed handbags and clothing and jewelry and cosmetics and I just felt like shoes were next," she says.

The line with French Sole is full of shoes that can transition from the office to a long awaited date night. But we warned, they are pricey (the least expensive pair is $150.) We talked about how great the line is because many of the shoes are flats. "I'm obsessed with flats, my go-to look every day is skinny jeans, ballet flats and a blazer on rotation. I like classic, timeless looks," she says.

Many people dismiss flats as a valuable style of shoe. And those people are definitely wrong. "It's a chicer alternative to a sneaker, and they're just as beautiful. I live in flats, so I wanted to make a good flat, a good loafer. And they're practical too. I run around in my flats all day. I do school drop-off and pickup, meeting, etc. They're easy. "

The shoes include the Eloise, which is a quilted velvet loafer style, the Farrah, a black velvet stiletto with polka dots, and the Brooke, which is a stiletto with a cute little bow accent. Plus there are more everyday flats like the Kathy, which is a simple leather, and the Paris, which is a cheetah print. But the cutest is definitely the Meow loafer. "I am a major cat lady and a proud cat lady," Hilton admits. "I own two cats and I love them."

Nicky Hilton has been a powerful woman in business for a long time. And while people may think that she doesn't work hard for what she has, she explains that her drive started at a young age. "My parents instilled a strong work ethic in us from a young age and we were taught the value of hard work," she tells us.

And what kind of advice would she give to women who wish to get into business themselves? "I think it's so important to learn the ropes of whatever business you're interested in. Start from the bottom and work your way up," she says.

"I love fashion, so I got my first internship at a fashion magazine. I did everything. Being there, I learned so much about the behind the scenes. You can't become a success overnight, you have to put your time in and learn. Learning is important. It's important to have passion and purpose. If it's something that keeps you up and night and excites you, pursue it."

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