EXCLUSIVE: Grey Evans & The Inspiration Behind Her Growing Brand

While many parents have trepidation about their kids and social media, the team behind 5-year old social media influencer Grey Skye Evans recognized early on the benefits of embracing social media for their daughter. Grey, who sometimes wants to be a veterinarian, a princess, and even Beyonce on other days, showed signs of having natural talent in the arts at a very young age. Her mom even confesses to always video-recording her, because Grey is always naturally just serving up the most fabulous moments. At only age 5, Grey has amassed a social media following of almost a half a million followers.

While those numbers are impressive Grey’s mom, Ylleya Fields asserts that she embraces social media for her daughter, because she knows her talented daughter has potential. When you visit Grey’s social media, you quickly find out that her persona shines through. She offers hilarious, adorable and inspiring content to her followers.

Mom states, “I’m surprised that she likes to do as much as she does and she’s really good at it. Whatever you see is literally what she is just thinking up and bringing to the table. When we can’t think of new things for her to do, she just keeps bringing things to the table, and we just record it. I’ve gotten to the point where I just record every single thing that she does, because I never know what I am going to see. Sometimes she gives us things that we had no idea that she could do.”

While Grey was not alive when her mom’s first few brands were established, in the words of Fields, “Grey has pretty much adapted her own ways into the brand. We are obviously very proud of it.” In the words of mom, three words that describe Grey’s brand are: ‘natural’, ‘born’ and ‘star’. Grey, who sometimes likes to be called “Greyonce” due to her admiration of Beyonce, is truly a natural in her mom and dad’s eyes. Fields states that, “Everything that Grey does is 100% natural, because the dancing and rapping she didn’t get through me. We’re not dancers, her father and I, so we just showcase her talents the best way that we can whether it’s through her Instagram or YouTube.”

Just like other parents, mom ponders the safety of her child online, but as Grey’s natural talent continues to shine through, the perks of social media currently outweigh having doubt about it. Mom states, “The main reason that I’m doing this even though at times I get concerned like other parents is, because I really see something in Grey, and I feel like with the opportunities that social media provides; she will not have to work as hard when she is older.”

The Benefits Of Social Media

One of the major benefits of Grey having social media has been that it provides exposure for her without her family having to uproot and move to California or New York for opportunity. Fields states, “Now, with social media, you don’t have to do that. If Grey has to make and ad for someone, she literally can do it from home. So, that’s one of the reasons why we do it. It allows for her talents to be showcased, and we still get to have a normal life as a family.”

The Mom Behind This Powerhouse Kid

The focused mom of six, Ylleya Fields, who has four daughters and two sons acknowledges that it takes a village, and that she has a strong support system. Yet, she is not new to buildin brands. She’s the author of the adorable children’s series Princess Cupcake Jones which was inspired by her older daughters when they were younger. Of the brand, she states “I got the inspiration to write the books when my now 15-year old daughter was two. I tried to find books that she could see herself in, and we were unable to find that. She loved Fancy Nancy and they were great, but there were not really many characters in books that appealed to her that looked like her. So, I created Princess Cupcake Jones for little girls and even more specifically for children that looked like my daughter.”

Her daughters are African-American and on creating beautiful, brown characters she states, “It was extremely important to create characters like this, because it's kind of like seeing a Black president, or going to the doctor, and seeing a Black doctor. It just drives home the fact that you can be anything you want to be including: a princess, or whatever you want. Even though it seems small, because it's a children's book, images can be used to shape a child’s imagination. Even children who are not African American will be able to look at this book and see that no matter what color you are, people in those positions can be African Americans. That no matter who you are, you are good enough to be anything.”

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When asked on how she manages her time, her ventures and Grey’s growing brand, she states “I have a really amazing support team, I won’t even say that I can do it all, because I can’t. My husband and his family, as well as my family are very involved. It takes a village, and it with that support you still have to prioritize. Even with one child in the spotlight, you still have to make sure that the other kids feel prioritized. Just giving each of them time is definitely not easy. Just like every other mother, I’m sure that I am not perfect at it, but you do the best that you can.”

The Brands:

To learn more about this adorable Social Media Influencer, visit her Instagram and Youtube Channel. To learn more about the Princess Cupcake Jones brand, please visit the website at: princesscupcakejones.com.

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