10 Exciting Movies to Take Your Kids to in 2020

Going to the movies can be a wonderful and cost-friendly activity for the entire family as many children get in for free and this adventure includes both meal and activity. But it can be tricky to figure out exactly which film to take one's kids too. You're going to want something that is going to be appropriate for your youngest family members, but you're going to want to keep yourself entertained as well.

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2020 is the first year in a new decade and that means another decade filled with exciting films for the entire family. This list will explore ten family-friendly films which are (at the time which this article was written) set to be released in 2020. These films cover a range of genres as well, so there is bound to be something for everyone!

10 Onward

Everyone loves a good Disney/Pixar film and the news of a new project on the horizon is something that everyone can get excited about. Onward is the next big Disney/Pixar film project on the horizon and it is currently set for a 2020 release.

The film follows two brothers from a world where fantastical creatures have become so commonplace that they have lost their magic entirely. In an attempt to visit a lost loved one, they decide to explore the world in order to see if there is any magic left or if it was just the stuff of fairytales all along.

9 Scoob

Though the live-action remakes from the early 2000s focused on an older target demographic, the teaser trailer for the upcoming animated Scooby-Doo origin story has made it very clear that this film will be a good time for audiences of all ages.

Children young and old will love to watch Scoob and the gang solve mysteries, save each other, and learn exactly how it all began.

8 Mulan

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Though this live-action remake is expected to be far more serious, action-filled, and dramatic to the original Disney animated classic, it is still expected to primarily fall into the family film genre.

Smaller children may be frightened by some of the more intense moments so it is important to research the film and ask yourself whether or not this film will be appropriate for your child.

7 Ghostbusters 2020

No information has yet to be released about this film, though is does seem to be entirely unrelated to the all-female Ghostbusters film from 2016 and is, instead, a continuation of the original series.

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Though the spooky nature of this film might be a bit too much for some younger children, it could be a wonderful family event for parents and their older children. Although, if your child is particularly brave, this film may be no big deal at all to them. It is important to know your child and make your call according to what you know they can and cannot handle.

6 The Croods 2

After being canceled in 2016, the sequel to the successful and beloved Croods film is finally back on track and is to be released within the next year.

The new film is set to focus on a rivalry between the Croods family and a new family which has been aptly named the Bettermans. This new family is said to be further down the evolutionary line than the Croods as well.

5 Chicken Run 2

Though the original film exists as a perfectly good standalone, the concept of a sequel is truly intriguing. The film is to take place on an island which the chickens have been living on since they first escaped that horrid farm in which they were kept.

Though very little information has been released about the long-awaited sequel to the beloved classic film Chicken Run, fans of the original film have been rather excited over the concept of a sequel.

4 Artemis Fowl

Based on the beloved book series, the latest in YA/Middle Grade book-to-film adaptations is Artemis Fowl. This film was directed by the brilliant Kenneth Branagh and is the perfect film to take one's older children to as some elements may be rather intense for younger children.

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The story follows the tale of a boy and his quest to uncover what really happened to his father; and his interactions with the supernatural beings he meets along the way.

3 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run

A new SpongeBob movie is set to hit theatres in 2020. The brief summary currently available online states that this movie will follow the gangs' attempts to retrieve Gary after he is "snail-knapped" and taken to The Lost City of Atlantic City.

It is fair to assume that this movie will be an utter hit with kids aged 7-10. This demographic tends to enjoy the type of humour the show was founded on more than any other age group.

2 Minions: The Rise Of Gru

Little is known about the plot of this film at this current date, other than the fact that it is a continuation of the antics, high jinks, and silly humour that fans have come to love and expect from the Minion franchise.

Though this franchise has received a large amount of hate over the years, it is safe to say that it is still a hit with its target demographic. And, at the end of the day, that is all that really matters.

1 Dolittle

Though one may be familiar with Eddie Murphy's version of the Doctor Dolittle films, it is important to note that Hollywood is going with an entirely new direction when its comes to its latest version of the tale.

This version is set in 19th century England and follows the lonely life of the rather eccentric Dolittle and his animal friends as they attempt to save Queen Victoria from a sudden and intense illness. Filled with hilarious high jinks, talking animals, and a rather absurd plot- this film is sure to be a total riot for the entire family!

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