Everything You Need To Know About Egypt Daoud Dean

While Egypt Daoud Dean isn't a household name quite yet, chances are you know who his famous parents are and it won't be long before the world knows about Egypt too. The firstborn son of singer, songwriter, and musician Alecia Keys and her husband, record producer, and DJ Swizz Beatz, it's clear that Egypt Daoud Dean has inherited his musical and production talents from both parents. At the young age of just eight years old the aspiring musician and producer is already making a name for himself in the music industry.

Egypt Daoud Dean's Family – Parents and Siblings

Keys and Swizz Beatz, whose real name is Kasseem Dean, welcomed their first child together, son Egypt Daoud Dean on October 14, 2010. Egypt was Keys' first child and Dean's fourth, having three other children from previous relationships. The now 8-year-old is the big brother to Genesis Ali Dean, who was born in December 2014 to Keys and Dean, and younger brother to his father's three other children, Prince Nasir Dean (born October 2000), Kasseem Dean Jr. (born 2006), and Nicole Dean (born 2008).

Parents Of Egypt Daoud Dean

Keys told Wendy Williams during an appearance on her show that she actually met her future husband when they were just teenagers. "We met like when I was sixteen and he was seventeen. And a friend of ours went to his high school and was like ‘Oh, you gotta meet Swizz,’ and she was like ‘Alicia is about to blow up,’ and ‘Swizz is doing his thing. And maybe one day y’all can work together.’ And that was how we met," she explained.

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It was definitely not love at first sight for the two, however. Keys told Marie Claire UK that she really didn't want anything to do with the DJ at the time. "Honestly, I didn't really like him that much," she told the magazine. "I thought he was too ostentatious."

"Swizz will have the fastest car, the biggest jewelry, the loudest jacket," she explains. "Everything with him is really over the top. I used to see him and think, 'He is so annoying.'"

That all changed when the duo reconnected around 2008, although there was some controversy over their love connection as Dean was still married to R&B singer Mashonda Tifrere at the time. Dean and Keys suggest the marriage was over and the couple separated before they connected, but Mashonda at the time stated that wasn't the case, writing an open letter to the singer on social media. "I made it very clear that on the contrary of what she might be hearing, I am still married to my husband, living with him and just had a child," she wrote. "Its been two years and I still have not received a response."

Keys and Dean married in 2010 and fortunately, the blended family were able to repair their relationship and have built a solid co-parenting plan, formed a friendship and have even gone on vacations together for the sake of their children.

Potential Career For Egypt Daoud Dean?

Egypt Daoud Dean, who himself is a budding musician and record producer, definitely comes by his talents naturally. Keys has won 15 Grammy awards throughout her career, including Best New Artist in 2002, the same year she won "Song of the Year" for her smash his 'Fallin'. The hits and the awards and accolades have continued to come over the years, and Keys joined the cast of the reality singing show The Voice as a judge in season 11 after previously appearing as a mentor.

While Keys may be primarily known as a singer and songwriter, she also has many acting credits to her name and has also been known for her humanitarian work, philanthropy, and activism. Next up for Keys, who has an estimated net worth of $100 million, is producing STX’s dance-themed comedy film “Work It". It seems there's nothing that Egypt Daoud Dean's mom can't do!

Family Net Worth Of Egypt Daoud Dean

Egypt's dad is no slouch either, with a combined net worth of $121 million with his wife. The acclaimed rapper and producer is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Swizz Beatz began his career when he was a teenager as a DJ before founding his own label, to which he signed multiple big-name artists. While he has released his own albums, he's found a lot of success producing for other artists like DMX, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Eve, and Kanye West, just to name a few. Swizz Beatz is also a Grammy winner, taking home the trophy for 'Best Rap Performance for Duo or Group' in 2011 for his work on Jay-Z's "On to the Next One".

Egypt Daoud Dean Social Media Accounts

Both of Egypt's parents share their personal and professional experiences on social media. Alicia Keys posts on her official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,  while dad Swizz Beatz sticks mostly to Twitter and Instagram.

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If you wondered if Egypt Daoud Dean had inherited talent from both of his parents, it seems the young budding musician and music producer most definitely has. At the tender age of just five years old, little Egypt produced his first track for Kendrick Lamar!

His proud father couldn't help but share just how talented his young son was, sharing another video of Egypt playing the intro beat he created.

Keys commented on Instagram that her son comes by his musical genius naturally when talking about working with Lamar. "He got up that morning humming a melody..... We went to the piano to find it....he picked it out by ear....he loves to play.... I know that feeling. Congratulations Egypt for practicing and learning and trying and listening to the music in your heart!"

Egypt Daoud Dean A Performer Already

If you thought that producing a song for one of rap's most incredible artists at the age of five is impressive (which it totally is!), Egypt continued to impress when he performed alongside his mother onstage at the 2019 iHeart Radio Music Awards. Egypt played the piano while his famous mother sang her songs "Raise a Man" and "You Don't Know My Name." Keys couldn't help but share her proud moment with her son on Instagram, writing it was the " Mommy & Me moment I’ve been dreaming of!!!"

Egypt, who looked thrilled to share the spotlight with his famous mom, took time to thank his fans in a sweet video posted by his mom, taken backstage after his first major awards show performance.

So while Egypt Daoud Dean isn't a household name just yet, there's no doubt that everyone will know this talented young man's name soon enough!

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