Everything We Know So Far About 'Frozen 2'

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If your children are still running around the house in Anna and Elsa dresses singing "Let it Go" on the daily, you're probably going to feel some relief that Frozen 2 is in the works and you'll now be able to mix up your soundtrack options. While all the characters who probably feel like family members at this point will be back for round 2, there is a new song to rival the original's notorious theme song and Anna and Elsa are rumored to be leaving Arendelle.

Gasp! So much Frozen goodness to be excited about.

On Monday, Jennifer Lee, who is the co-director of the first and second films was attending the Hollywood premiere of “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” Variety caught up with her and she shared a few spoilers. The movie director has an awful lost to be celebrating though, in addition to being a part of the Frozen series as she has taken on the role of  Walt Disney Animation Studios’ chief creative officer. This happened after John Lasseter left the company for workplace misbehavior allegations, Disney announced in June that his responsibilities would be split between Lee and Pete Docter, the director of “Inside Out,” who was named chief creative officer at Pixar Animation Studios.

First and foremost, there's the music, which she shared will still be lovable by all, but has definitely evolved. “We have a new song that I think is an evolution,” she said. “It’s its own song…Bobby [Lopez] and Kristen [Anderson-Lopez] just delivered it three weeks ago. We’ve been working with them for two years and this song just came in and I love it.”

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But there's more: this is only one of four songs to be chosen for the film, so we predict that we'll all be singing along in no time.

And while we're pretty sure we'll all get a glimpse of the current state of Arendelle, Lee also shared that the sisters will be leaving their hometown to visit places far out of Arendelle.

And even more exciting for all Disney and Frozen fans who can't wait to purchase tickets and get the first glimpse of this highly anticipated film - you will not have to wait as long to watch it as originally expected. Disney originally announced that the film would hit theaters on November 27th and now they have switched things up, giving fans Frozen 2 an entire week early. The film is now slated to hit theaters on November 19th, 2019, so make sure your calendars are set.

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