Everything You Need For A Perfect Family Activity Night

When you are a parent you are always looking for a fun creative way to bring the family together and create new memories. One of the best ways to get your kids together is to have a family activity night. But it sounds easier said than done since there are so many variables that go into a perfect activity night.

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There’s the choice of a game that will make everyone happy, food that won't make a mess, and trying to keep everyone’s attention in the moment. Keep reading to discover ten things you need to do have had a perfect family activity night.

10 Let Your Kids Know About It Beforehand

Everyone loves surprises, but springing a family activity night on your kids at the last moment can be taken the wrong way. It is best to inform your family what your plans our so they are not thrown off when they are trying to relax after a long week of school.

Your kids are going to be more respective to have a set day that they know they are going to be able to commit to spending time with the rest of the family. This also gives them no excuses to miss it since they knew beforehand to block off time.

9 Play Different Games

Having a family activity night is a great way to bring the family together for some friendly competition. But one mistake many parents make it not expending on the games the family plays. Every week you are going to want to pick out a different activity for your family to partake in.

This gives you the freedom to move from board games, to card games, to even video games to make everyone happy and not feel like their voice is not being heard. So switch it up and take requests when it comes to the activity you do.

8 Make It A Set Amount Of Time

Family game night is always a good idea to have a set night that you get together. But you also need a set amount of time you are all committed in playing together.

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Having a set time lets your kids know that they can't ask when it’s over since they are going to be there for however long was predetermined. This can also add a fun countdown when it gets close to the end of the time period to keep racing and see how will when before the time runs out!

7 Decorate The Location

If you are hosting the family activity night in your dining room or living room try to make it special by decorating the location. You do not need to go all out to transform the room, but even just a few decorations to go along with the game you are going to play can make a huge difference.

This is going to make your kids excited that you went above and beyond to add a few decorations to really set the mood. So check your craft closet or head to the dollar store for some affordable decorations.

6 No Screens Allowed

Before the game night even starts you need to make a rule that everyone, including you and your partner, do not have any screens out during family night. Not allowing screens from phones, smartwatches, tablets, and even T.V. will allow everyone in the family to stay present in the moment and not get distracted.

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And if it is a family activity night then no one should be allowed to talk to outside people via text. So make this a rule and enforce it to get your families undivided attention.

5 Have Non-Sticky/Greasy Snacks

You cannot have a family activity night without having snacks and you need to make sure that you have the right snacks out to munch on. You do not want to have any snacks that are going to be sticky since the game cards and pieces can get messy making it hard to play.

And greasy snacks can make the pieces slippery making it hard for the pieces to stay in your hand. Make sure to buy or make snacks that don’t live a residue on your hands when you are eating them!

4 Make the Game Rules Clear

It is known that siblings can not get along at times. So before you start playing any activity you need to make sure that game rules are clear to everyone playing. Clear game rules will make sure no one is trying to cheat saving you from hearing your kids bickering.

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Having the rules of the game made known to everyone will also help to play the game correctly and to hold everyone accountable. So read the game rules before anyone makes the first move and enjoy a friendly competition with the family.

3 Invest In Cups With Lids

Kids can be messy, especially if they are still young. One thing that little kids are known for during is spilling cups. It’s not that that mean to, it’s just that they have small hands and drinking cups tend to be too big for their hands.

And a spilled cup can ruin a game made of cardboard. So plan ahead and invest in cups with lids to make sure that if there is a cup that gets knocked over that it doesn’t spill out the drink. These cups are for everyone too, not just the kids since adults can spill drinks!

2 Make It A Recurring Activity In Your House

One thing that your kids will love when they are older is that they were able to have a family tradition and having a recurring family activity night can be the recurring tradition the can have fond memories of.

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Whether you have a family activity night every week or every other week your kids are going to love having a set activity the do to stay close to the family. So do not just do it once in a while, make it a priority that your family spends time together!

1 Don’t Stress

The most important thing about having a good family activity night is to not stress out about it. Even though you want it to be perfect by having the best game, great food, and nice decorations at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that your family is together.

So even if you ended up burning the cookies a little or you forgot to get the juice your kids wanted to drink if you are all sitting together laughing then you are having the perfect family activity night.

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